Time Machine- The Best Way to Recover Lost Data

The process of recovering a deleted file can be quite cumbersome and frustrating if you are not using the right tools. The Trash Can and Mac’s Time Machine are the first go-to options when such a dilemma occurs. However, the best option is utilizing a state-of-the-art Mac files recovery software. Such a software does all the work so that you do not have to. That said, let us explore all three Mac files recovery options.

When it comes on to recovering a file from the Trash Can, success depends enormously on whether or not the Trash Can has been emptied. If the Trash Can has not been emptied then restoring the file is easy. Simply open the Trash Can icon (double-click to open), and then right-click on the deleted file to select “restore” from the menu. The file can also be dragged from the Trash Can and placed in any other location on the computer. However, if the Trash Can had been emptied, then recovery is a bit more complicated.

Let us examine Mac’s Time Machine. As long as Mac’s Time Machine is up and running on your computer, then should a file be deleted, recovering it should not be difficult at all. Recovering the deleted file is accomplished by opening the Time Machine app and navigating through the timeline to locate the version of the file that you desire. Interestingly, Time Machine is also able to recover lost emails as well as do a full system restore.
Sometimes a search of the Trash Can and navigating through Time Machine might not produce the deleted file. This is when most people turn to a trusted Mac files recovery software to do a deep search and restore process. However, it is not necessary to rely on such a software only for complicated restoration, the software is equally excellent and fast at simple file restorations.

The first thing to do in utilizing a data recovery software is to choose a good one and download it onto a separate partition or drive from the one that contains the deleted file. Doing so will prevent overwriting of data. The next step is to follow the simple 1-2-3 steps on the software to begin the data recovery process. Wondering which Mac data recovery software to choose? uFlysoft is a top choice.

uFlysoft is an impressive data recovery software that is designed with user-friendliness at its core. It is able to recover a wide variety of file types (.docx, .jpeg, .png, .mov, .mp4, .ppt, etc.) from any hard drive. Use this software for all your data recovery needs whether it is a simple recovery (unemptied Trash Can) or something more complex (emptied Trash Can).

After the software has recovered all the deleted files, it will then list them in an easy-to-navigate fashion. Please note that the recovered files should be downloaded onto a different drive or storage device. The files should never be downloaded onto the same drive as the original file to prevent overwriting of data.

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Ways To Recover A Corrupt Microsoft Office File

For several different reasons, sometimes Microsoft office files get corrupted. A file that is corrupted is damaged somehow and as a result no longer performs (opens and displays) the way it should. This calls for recovery and therefore, whether it is a txt files recovery or an Excel files recovery, the process will basically be the same.

In the Windows operating system, the File Recovery mode often restores corrupt Microsoft Office files. However, there are times when this proves unsuccessful in doing so and other methods have to be employed.

Ideally, one should create and save a recovery file as they work on a document or save a backup copy to ensure that should the files get corrupted or deleted, then a good copy can be accessed for immediate reference. Also, ensuring that the “Auto Save” option is turned on at all times will enable you to recover earlier versions of your work.

Both a recovery file and a backup file can easily be setup for any document by accessing the options from the file menu. However, if none of these two procedures were employed, then we have to resort to recovery methods. If any corrupted Microsoft Office file does not automatically engage the File Recovery mode, then the File Recovery mode can be started manually by doing the following steps:

1.Go to the file menu and select “open.”

2.Select the location to which the now corrupt document was saved.

3.Select the corrupted file from the “Open” dialog box.

4.Click the down arrow located beside the “open” button and scroll down to “Open and Repair”

5.Select the repair option.

If perchance the repair option did not quite provide the results that you expected, then you should do the following:

1.Access the “Open and Repair” menu once again.

2.Select the corrupted file and then click “Extract Data.” What this does is to provide all the readable data that the operating system was able to decipher.

3.Once you have gotten the extracted data, then copy and paste it into a new document file.

get-back-lost-microsoft-office-fileThere are several other options that could be explored to try to recover a deleted Microsoft Office file. Among these options are, reverting the document to the last saved version and using a macro to extract data from the corrupted file. In order to revert the document to the last saved version, the “Auto Save” option would have had to be turned on. If so then:

1.Go back to the file menu and then select “Info” followed by “Manage Versions.”

2.Afterwards, select “Recover Unsaved Documents” from the menu.

3.Finally, select the document that you need from the list.

If none of these options provide the desired results, then a data recovery software might be the solution. One such software to consider is uFlysoft. A data recovery software takes all the hassle out of restoring corrupt Microsoft Office files. They are affordable and user-friendly.
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The Situation We Need to Use Data Recovery Software to Recover Memory Card Lost Data

Have you ever lost any important files (mp3 files, mp4 files, photos, images, AVI, etc.) from your memory card (SD card, SDHC card, XD card, CF card, Micro SD card, etc.) on digital camera or mobile phone? You are not the only one; data loss from memory card is such a common problem for every memory card user. If you are still puzzled by the data loss and have no idea to deal with this problem, please keep reading and you will be surprised to find that data loss is not such a terrible problem as long as you can find a good solution to recover lost data from memory card.

Command Situation of Memory Card Data Loss

Situation 1: Mistakenly delete files from memory card-I have an 8GB SD card in my Cannon camera and I took many photos with my camera last week. However, when I want to delete some not so good photos, I mistakenly delete some other precious family photos.

Situation 2: Format memory card-I transferred all the files from my CF card to my laptop, and then I formatted the CF card. But I cannot find some important wedding videos when my friend asked me for them yesterday. I doubt I didn’t transfer the videos to my laptop successfully before the card was formatted.

Situation 3: Memory card not formatted error-When I connect my Micro SD card to my computer. The Windows pops up “the card is not formatted, do you want to format it now?” I cannot format it because I have many important images inside, but I have no way to access the data if I don’t format the card.

Situation 4: Memory card is not recognized-My laptop cannot recognize my SD card when I connect it with card reader. Then I tried to connect it to my laptop via USB cable, but it doesn’t work either.

The situations above are some common causes for data loss. There are many other reasons would also cause the data loss, such as RAW error, virus infection, invalid portable device and so on.

Steps to Recover Data from Memory Card

memory-card-lost-data-file-recoveryStep1. Download a memory card data recovery tool like uFlysoft Data Recovery; install it on your Mac. (Here we use Mac as an example.)

Step2. Connect memory card to your Mac, and then run the memory card recovery software to begin to scan the data from your memory card.

Step3. Preview the lost files after scan.

Step4. Save the recovered data to any other portable device or hard disk instead of the original memory card.

Why It Is Possible to Recover Data from Memory Card

No matter you delete files from your memory card or format the memory card, or even you encounter with the memory card not formatted error or any other unknown reasons. The lost data is not wiped off immediately but become invisible. In fact, the data is still there but the space is marked as empty one and waits to accept new data. So as long as you don’t add new data to the memory card, it is possible to recover the lost files.
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How to Recover External Hard Drive Deleted or Lost Files after Data Loss Happens

What is External Hard Drive?

An external hard drive is any hard drive which attaches to a port on the outside of a computer case.

External hard drives are extremely useful for backing up computers and for moving data between computers.

Why Recovering Data from External Hard Drive Is a Common Need Today?

seagate-data-recoveryData storage requirements have increased exponentially over the last decade. As this need continues to grow, so do the sales of the large external hard drives needed to store that data. More and more users are doing what they feel is right by backing up their data. The fortunate catch to this is most users are backing up their data to external hard drives. Furthermore, aside from an online backup solution, external hard drives are the best solution for storing large amounts of data. The average user today has well over 100 gigabytes of data, and the most cost-effective option for the average person for backing up data is an external hard drive.

However, it is not always safe to backup data on the external hard drive and the failed examples are increasing. The reason is not only because more people are using them, but also because they are not as well protected as a desktop computer drive. External drives are often dropped, mishandled, disconnected improperly, or damaged due to power surges.

Therefore, recover data from external hard drive is a common need for most of the people.

Recovering Data from External Hard Drive

recover-lost-photos-on-macRecovering data from external hard drive might be a little challenging, and you, as an end user, may think that your external hard disk is beyond repair, especially if you are not a computer specialist looking for external hard drive recovery help and guidance. Thankfully, the cost of data recovery software has been steadily getting cheaper meaning that anybody can afford to recover data from external hard drive and get all of the help that they need.
If you do lose your data, it may not be gone forever. Recover data from external hard drives can be realized easily by uFlysoft external drive data recovery tool-Data Recovery for Mac which is easy-to-use data recovery software.

“3-steps” Recovery Operation

With uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, all you need to do is to follow the steps below to achieve external drive data recovery with ease.

1. Install this free download data recovery software on your Mac;

2. Launch the program and choose the hard disk where your lost flies were stored before and start scanning;

3. After scanning finished, you can preview your lost photos files, you can choose which you want to get back and then click “Recover”, you will find the lost data coming back to you again in a while.


For more details about data recovery, you can read this post

or watch our official tutorial guide videos.

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