Recover Lost Files after Infecting with Computer Viruses

Nowadays computers are widely used in our daily lives and I do believe most of the users like you and I have the experience of infecting by computer viruses. After infecting thecomputer viruses, the speed of running the computer will be slowed down. Even worse, computer viruses will do harm to your computer system and your private info or personal message will be leaked out. Or computer viruses can make you lose your important files from your computer. So it is very important to avoid computer viruses. This article shows the reasons of infecting virus, protecting computer away from viruses and how to recover lost computer data after infecting viruses.

Ways of Infecting Computer Viruses

How can we avoid computer viruses? To solve this problem, the first we need to learn is how our computer or device infect with viruses. Here are the common ways.

1. ) Removable media

The most easy to infect with computer viruses is using removable media like USB drive, external drive, DVDs, floppy disk or other kinds of devices which are already having the viruses.

2. ) Hard Drive

Hard drive is also one way to carry the computer viruses. For example, the computer hard drive which is already infected with viruses and it is used or fixed at anyway.

3. ) Internet

This is the fastest way that computer can be attacked by viruses because most of the computers now are using the Internet.

Method for Protecting Your Computer Away from Viruses

After learning of the viruses, it’s time for solving the problems. Here brings the method for computer users to avoid the viruses.

Method 1. Make browser security level higher. Open your IE Explorer, choose the Internet option. Choose option ‘safety’ and makes the security level to the highest.

Method 2. Far away from the strange site. If you are on the Internet and find that some sites ask you to download software or any other strange thing, don’t. Because some viruses will be downloaded at the same time.

Method 3. When you receive the emails which you don’t know the sender or you find that some attachments are in this email. Don’t open it. This may bring you the viruses, too.

Method 4. Don’t use the removable device you don’t know which it comes from.

Method 5. The most effective way-antivirus software. Install the appropriate antivirus software. This is the most effective way nowadays to avoid the computer viruses.

Make sure you remember all of these tips and tricks. These can keep your computer safe. But if you just lose your important files due to the virus. Here comes the method.

How to Get Back Files Due to Virus Infection

As we may lose our files from our computer due to the computer viruses, we human being also developed the software to help people to get back the lost files.

Here I need to explain this, no matter what reasons make the files lose, the files are actually not gone. Why? In fact that only the space of the “deleted file” are freed up so that the new files can use this space.

Here comes the point: After losing files, users cannot put anything new into the computer hard drive or storage device which the files were lost on to avoid the data overwritten situation.

In order to recover the lost files, you can try the third-party data recovery software. You can get more info on this site-uFlysoft.