How to Achieve CF Card Recovery on Mac

CF Card (Compact Flash Card) is a kind of popular flash digital memory card. The capacities are usually from 128 MB to 64 GB. CF card has a larger size when compared with other memory card types such as CF, Smart Media, Memory Stick, and XD Picture Card. But usually, it has a lower cost per MB and faster speed. Therefore, it is still widely used by digital cameras.

Due to accidental deletion, pressing the reformat button in camera, or various reasons of damage (e.g. low battery power, turning off on writing/reading), you may have lost your valuable pictures from a CF Card. Do not worry! In most cases, they are still recoverable.

How to Achieve Compact Flash Recovery

uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is CF card recovery software to recover deleted, reformatted and damaged photos and movies from Compact Flash Card. It uses a wizard-style interface to allow you to easily recover picture and video files from a CF memory card.

There are many Compact Flash card brands including SanDisk, Kingston, Kingmax, Samsung, Canon etc. Each CF Card manufacturer may have different series. For example, SanDisk has a series of CF cards including Extreme I, II, III, IV, Ultra I, II and Standard. uFlysoft CF Recovery supports all CF Card brands and types on the market.Only three steps are needed to complete Compact Flash Data Recovery. Usually, in less than 10 minutes, you will get back all or most of your lost photos from the CF Card using the CF card data recovery software.

Here are the detailed 3 steps for you to follow to get your data back by using uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac:

1. Download uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery on Your Mac first.

2. Select and scan a partition or drive where your lost data located.

3. Preview the found files (Only photos files can be previewed) and click ‘Recovery’, choose the safe path to save the targeted files to process recovery operation.

CF Card Recovery Tips:

1. Regards to a damaged or file system corrupted CF Card, Windows may prompt you to format the CF Card when it attempts to read and access the card. Please ignore that message and do not format it before you recover the lost photos.

2. To avoid possibly overwriting, do not take more pictures on the same memory card before you recover them. But if you have done that, try uFlysoft CF Card Recovery and it may still be able to recover the remainder pictures in most cases, but the pictures that were written over are unrecoverable.

3. When you connect your digital camera to your computer, it may not appear in the Drive list, an external CF Card reader is needed. It will allow uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac to access your memory card and recover the lost pictures. Some new desktops and laptops may already build in card reader.