How to Recover Lost Photo on Mac Hard Drive

Suppose you have taken a lot of beautiful pictures with your family or friends. But one day, you couldn't find them on your digital camera. That's really frustrating. Well, there could be a number of reasons for photo loss. Let's find out the reasons:

Accidental deletion of the multimedia files;Pulling out the memory card while the camera is still on;Formatting the memory card or the storage device's hard drive;Switching off the camera while data is being written onto a memory card;File system corruption;Error in read/write process.

When these circumstances happen to you, you may be frustrated and have no idea where to go. But don't worry. Actually all the above cases will be resolved easily if you have a tool called uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. It is a perfect data recovery tool to recover all your deleted data. Including photos, video, audio, documents, e-mail, etc. on Mac OS X 10.9 or lower. It performs both great photo recovery and data recovery for Mac users.

Two Ways of Mac Photo File Recovery

Professional Repair Shop

With the professional computer experts and the high-tech skills, the data repair shop is a good choice for the computer users. No need to worry about dealing with the data rescue process by yourself, the data repair shop will do everything for you. You no need to worry about the complicated operation.

But sometimes you may be bad luck if you meet the bad guys. Image there are lots of private message or personal info on your computer and you just sent it to the repair shop. If your computer meets a guy who is malevolent, your info may be leaked. (That's why sometimes the man who you don't know but call you to sell the house, stock, car, etc.)

Third Party Software

Third party software is the second choice. But there are also disadvantages. If you try the freeware or the software which is provided by the irresponsible software provider, the virus or the ads will be brought to you.

The best choice of selecting a good app for solving file loss problem is that you need to make sure the software can offer you the free download and the trial version. The trial version can make sure that if the software will bring you the virus or the ads first, and it can also make sure that if the software can help you or not (This is because most of the trial version apps offer the free scan function. You can judge through using the free scan to see if it can find your lost files or not).

In my opinion, I will suggest you to have a try uFlysoft file recovery software. It's like ads, but it actually works for many users to get the lost files back. You can see the introduction of this software on the official website: uFlysoft studio.

How to Recover Lost Photos from Camera with uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac?

1. Download and install uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery on your Mac;

2. Launch the application and insert the camera memory card into your Mac;

3. Simply click the card and the "Scan" button;

4. After the scan process is finished, you are able to see the lost photos;

5. Click each photo to preview whether you need to recover it or not;

6. Click the photos which you want to recover and press "Recover" button;

7. Once the photos are recovered, you are able to view and enjoy them with your family again.

Tips You May Need

It is not very complicated for file recovery. For example, when you delete a file from the hard drive, the file itself is not deleted, only the space of this file is freed up for the new file. That's why after file loss happened, we suggest the computer users don't put anything new into the drive which the file was lost from because if you put new file into the drive, the space of the "deleted file" will be took by the new files and you will lose the chance of recovering files. So remember this, stop using your computer after the file loss happens.