Use Data Recovery Software to Recover the Lost Files

As a normal computer user, we may meet this situation: We delete files and empty the Mac trash or recycle bin this morning. But after you finish your lunch, you suddenly find that some files are still needed among the deleted files you deleted them this morning.

Or you may also lose your files due to the virus which can damage your computer system. The virus also will do harm to your partition or FAT. You will use the anti-virus software, but this may also make the file loss happen. Now what? What to do to get them back? This article will let you know about more details about the reasons for data loss and will offer you the way to recover your lost files.

Reasons of File Loss Situation

1. Software Disaster

Infected by viruses, wrongly formatting or mistakenly partition, wrongly deletion or overwritten, hacker software damage or human errors, power off during operating, ect. These are the reasons of software disaster.

Software disaster also shows up as an operating system missing, can't normally boot your system, can't find the file you want, can't open your files or show you the digital gibberish after opening the files.

2. Hardware Malfunction

This situation is not good news for you (though file loss is also not good news for you) 'cause once you meet this situation, you need to find the professor to fix your hardware first then you may consider to find ways to recover the lost files. Here are some examples of hardware malfunction.

1) When you turn on your computer, the system cannot find the hard drive and doesn't show you any tips for this situation.

2) When the system reads the files from the hard drive, you will hear beeps.

3) System collapsed or blue screen of death often happens on your computer.

The situations above can lead to the file loss problem. Then you may want to know how to recover the lost files and will not do harm to the computer. Now here we will bring you the answer.

How to Recover the Lost Files from Your Computer

To recover the lost files from your computer, I suggest you to have a try on the third-party data recovery software. In my opinion, I don't want my computer sent to the repair shop 'cause some of my private message or personal info will be seen by the staff who is working there. So I recommend you to use the software.

But you'd better find a good program. Some of the freeware will bring you the virus or the annoying ads. So you may need to pay attention that you need to find the professional software. You can try uFlysoft data recovery. It can help you to recover your files but will not do harm for your computer. You can view the official website and learn more of it:

Useful Tips

1. If you have another computer, or an external hard drive, you can download uFlysoft data recovery software and attempt to recover to that drive if it has an empty partition large enough to take the entire drive that you lost data on.

2. The key is if you do boot off an external drive, do not mount the internal drive until you are ready to try the recovery.

3. You do not want to access the drive you are trying to recover until you have the rest of the data recovery software and hardware setup.