How to Recover Deleted Files after Emptying Trash Bin in Mac 10.7 Lion/10.8/10.9/10.10

Can iphotos be found once deleted in trash? How do i get anything back from the trash? According to a review, among all the possible reasons for unexpected data loss disaster, intentional action like accidental deletion and hard drive formatting is the most common one. That’s why a lot of Mac users try to find a solution to recover lost files from emptied trash bin on Mac OS X.

What happened if we decide to empty Trash Bin?

When we emptied Trash Bin, what we deleted is really not the file. You just lose the access of the file from the system. The space occupied by deleted files is marked as “available to reuse”, so the deleted files remain physically intact on the drive until they are overwritten by other files. The files will be only deleted when they are overwritten by new files. To prevent overwriting we need to stop using the Mac instantly if we want to recover deleted data from Mac Trash.

Mac Files Lost Trouble by Emptying Trash Bin in Mac 10.7 Lion

Trash bin in Mac functions the same as Recycle for cash bin in Windows computers, which is designed for users to delete unnecessary data and provide a temporary place for holding deleted files and data for users if they find something important were deleted mistakenly.

To recover deleted Mac files after emptying Trash bin in Mac is soft of troublesome for most Mac PC users and still confuses quite a lot ordinary users including me myself. Have you ever dragged important files to the Trash bin on you Mac and happened emptied the Trash carelessly? Then you can not find a good chance to recover Mac trash and get back deleted files.

Take me myself for instance, I happened moved some files into the Trash bin on my Mac 10.7 Lion and it was too late when I found my deleted files were permanently gone. If you were me, what will you do to recover or get removed files back from emptied Mac Trash bin? A Mac file undelete software can help you out!

Why deleted data is recoverable

Whenever you deleting a file, you just remove the entry of the file from hard drive directory instead of the file itself. Then, the space is marked as free and available for new data. At this moment, you can find and get back the missing data with uFlysoft data recovery software if you want. The software is available for all the below occasions.

Accidentally deleted files from trash or emptied the trash bin.
Completely deleted files by using “Shift + del” button.
Deleted files by choosing “Empty Trash” option from finder menu.
Drag files to the Trash and restart the computer.
Tips: Before “Empty Trash”, please check the Trash Bin carefully. If you find something valuable, you can highlight the ones that got mistakenly sent there and drag them out of Trash to avoid this data loss headache.


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