How things work with the Mac OS X

The Mac OS has its unique way of performing tasks and functions. Let us have a look on how different functions work on this operating system with the lights of ‘Things’

Things cloud-Things Cloud helps you store your to-dos and keeps them updated on your personal computer, I Pad, iPhone, and iPod touch. All you got to do is turn on ‘Things’ Preferences. After that, every change you make is sent immediately to Things Cloud, which then sends it to other devices. Everything is automated, so you never have to worry about integrating again. Things Cloud is fast, reliable, and free to use.

Quick Entry-Life is short and busy. You can easily something when you don’t write it down then and there itself. ‘Things’ lets you enter new to-dos the moment you remember them.

No matter what application you are in, simply press a system-wide keyboard shortcut, and the Quick Entry window appears on your screen. Enter your to-do, save it, and get back to your usual routine. The next time you open ‘Things’, the to-do holds for you in the Inbox – you will never forget anything important.

Daily Review-It has happened before and you want to do something important, but there is not enough time for it. Not today maybe later. So you decide to do it next week, or in a couple of weeks. But when the time comes, you have either forgotten it, or you remember it later.

With Things, all to-dos that are scheduled for today are made to appear at the top of your Today list automatically, along with all to-dos that have become due. It is called the ‘Daily Review’. It’s a way for you to easily review which tasks you want to start today, and which ones you can postpone for a future date.

Task management-You are in love with your Mac, and for good reasons. It’s apps like ‘Things’ can make it truly shine.

‘Things’ sharp user interface and attention to detail make it a prime example of attractive application design. That’s why it won an Apple Design Award couple of years back. And the Macworld Best of Show Award.

‘Things’ fully utilizes latest OS X technologies. It has eye catching Retina graphics, an attractive full screen mode, and Reminders integration on demand, AppleScript support, and much more options. It’s hard to find a substitute for it.

Every task you add to ‘Things’ automatically pops up in the sidebar so that you can access it at any time. And you can hide the projects you are currently not working on by putting them in some other day – this keeps your sidebar empty and lets you focus on the things that are relevant now.

Add Areas to the sidebar so that you can group projects and to do list together: “office”, “Work”, “leisure”, “Health”, or whatever makes sense to you. Review these areas to make sure that you keep on top of your responsibilities and commitments.