The Way to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Drive on Your Mac

Every computer has a hard drive used to store various types of programs and data. There is usually only one in a computer and this leaves it vulnerable in a number of ways. Internet viruses, Trojan horses, drive failures-even your kids accidentally deleting folders can cause loss of data. Imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost all your family photos, your email or even your favorite music. As daunting as this may seem, there is an easy and practical solution-an external hard drive.

External hard drives store your valuable data and add a considerable level of safety and security. This is because external hard drives are located outside the computer and allow you to keep a backup copy of all your important files – your tax records, email archives, photos, and more. For sensitive data, an external drive can be unplugged after it’s used and stored in a secure location. When it’s time to use it again, you simply plug it back in and all your data is available again.

It seems external hard drive can keep your data safe, right? But every coin has two sides, no matter how safe it is, external hard drive sometimes cannot avoid the data loss. In this article, we will show you the main reasons of data loss problem and offer you method to recover deleted files from external hard drive on Mac OS.

Cause of Data Loss

Some people say that the external hard drive is strong enough to keep your data away from the virus infection so that you won’t lose your data. Maybe they are right, but do you think that some data loss will be caused by our human being? Here are some examples.

1. Wrongly deletes the files

Have you ever deleted the files but you want them back later? Or will you just deleted the files because a whole day work makes you so tired that you wrongly deleted your files?

2. Accidentally formatting

Sometimes you will find that your external hard drive is full of the things which are you no longer needed and you format it. “O Lord! What I’ve done? I forgot some precious photo/videos are still in the external!”

Perform External Hard Drive on Mac

After reading the information above, will you still say external hard drive is strong enough to keep you data safe? Maybe yes, but we can not 100% to avoid this situation happens, right? So, to solve the problems above, a third-part recovery tool to perform external hard drive recovery is strongly needed. Here I suggest uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, a powerful and high reputation data recovery tool which helps user to recover deleted files from external hard drive.

Best Features of uFlysoft Data Recovery Software

Recover external hard drive files most efficiently and enjoy the various useful features of this software. Some of the significant features are:

1. The software can recover lost/missing logical drives.

2. External Hard drive data recovery is possible even after the formatting of hard drive.

3. You can easily recover lost files and folders using this External hard drive data recovery software.

4. If you have accidentally deleted important files using Shift+Del keys or by deleting them after emptying the Recycle Bin, then this external hard drive recovery software can help you recover that deleted data.

5. You can get back large amount of data from corrupted/formatted hard drive (recovery of data of size even up to Terabyte).

6. Complete hard drive data recovery ensured. You can recover documents, music files, photos, videos and other data items. Recovery is possible from hard drive, USB, Zip drive, floppy drive and other such media.

Supported File Types, File Systems, Storage Devices and OS

File Types: Almost all file types

File Systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS & NTFS5

Storage Devices: USB Digital Media, Pen Drive, Zip Drive, Hard Drive, Floppy Drive and many more.

Operating Systems: Mac OS X.

So easy for you to recover deleted files from external hard drive, right? If you want more details, just feel free to read more technical support article about data recovery on our official website uFlysoft studio.