How to Recover Lost or Deleted Pictures on iPod Touch

"Why I like iPod Touch? Well…the fashion design, the best quality, most important thing is that it comes from Apple Inc.!" Steve, 24, male, answered the question from the NBC reporter when he is lining up for the latest iPod touch.

Just as what Steven said, iPod is becoming more and more popular in our world because of its good quality and high reputation. With it, you can enjoy the fantastic music and view the pictures about your lover and family any time anywhere as you like.

But as the other MP3/MP4 players in the world, iPod has to face the data loss problem too. Now let's figure out the main reasons and find ways to perform iPod picture recovery.

Reasons of iPod Picture loss Problem

1. Pictures might be corrupted or damaged.

2. Physical damage. (Caused by suddenly power shut down.)

3. System format accidentally.

4. Virus infection. (It may not only make your iPod files lost but also damage the hard drive in your Mac.)

The Possibility of Lost File Recovery

As a matter of fact, when you delete the files from your iPod, even your computer or other storage devices, the deleted files are not actually gone permanently-they are still saved in the device which they were stored before. One thing different is those files space is marked as available for other new files to write over or occupy. So it is possible to recover lost files if you act quickly before the files are overwritten by the new one.

Notes: No matter the iPod, storage devices, Mac or Windows OS PC you are using, they do not provide the recovery option to recover the lost files on their own. Facing this situation, you may need the third-party data recovery software to deal with the data recovery operation.

Methods of Picture Recovery

To recover deleted pictures regards to situations mentioned above, a third-party recovery tool is strongly needed. Here I suggest you to have a try on uFlysoft iPod Picture Recovery for Mac, a high efficient and free risk recovery application. All you need is just following the guidance on official website when you using the application and do a few clicks. A few minutes later, your pictures will come back to you again.

Features of uFlysoft Picture Recovery

  • Support all type of apple iPods including iPod shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod first generation and iPod Nano etc. and other equivalent devices.

  • Perform data recovery even from accidentally formatted iPod memory or accidental iPod data Reset operation performed.

  • Retrieve and restore corrupted, damaged or frozen iPod media files from the iPod hard disk damaged due to human error or any virus generated data loss.

  • Not only recover deleted pictures, iPod Picture Recovery can also restore lost music and videos with high quality.

  • Tips

    1. After picture loss happened, don't use your iPod. Because the old data might be overwritten by the new data.

    2. After recovering finished, don't store the recovery pictures/videos/music files in the path where you lost them before or you will lose them forever.

    3. To get more details about Mac lost files, please log on our official website