Two Simple Methods for Users to Restore System on Their MacBook

The 2011 version of MacBook Air was released with the system restore disk (the little USB drive, you know that.). This is very inconvenient for users because if some users want to install Windows OS on there MacBook and then partition the hard drive. A bad result is that after partitioning, the MacBook only get the Windows OS and the Mac OS X has gone.

In this article, I will show you the way to install Mac OS X without the disk on the MacBook Air. The base of installing Mac OS X is that there must be a WIFI. If there is not a WIFI then this way is not suitable for you, if yes, keep reading below.

The First Method-Restore System without System Disk by Using WIFI

The first thing you need to do is you MacBook should be charged to avoid suddenly powerful off. Launch your MacBook and then hold Option button. When the hard drive icon appears, unloose the Option button and you will find that a WIFI option you can choose under the hard drive icon. Click in, set it and connect your MacBook with your WIFI and then hold Command+R button. An “Earth” icon will show up on your screen and keep turning and turning, all you need to do is waiting. If there is a fast-speed Internet you have, after 10 or 15 minutes there will be an installation suggestion showing up. If your internet speed is very slow, you may be wait for a long time. (A few days? Just kidding.) What’s more, if the serve is not stable, it may take much more time-The first time for me is 3 hours, but the second time it too a whole day, but still didn’t work.

The Second Method-Clone A System Disk by Yourself

This method require the Mac OS Lion can be used, but you may think this is bullshit because if the system can be used then it is not need to restore the system.
But in my opinion, you’d better back up the system when the system can be use because sometimes the internet is not so good like we think. (For example, I told you above it took me 24 hours but didn’t work.) You can use the mirror to clone a system disk under the Mac OS Lion platform. But this is base on you have dmg format system mirror on your Mac, and then use disk tool (finder-goto-tools-disk tool), choose the restore option. Then you need to choose the correct original disk (the dmg mirror file) and the destination disk (your USB drive). After these actions all you need is waiting. When these actions are finished, restart your MacBook (don’t pull out your USB drive) and hold Option button to activate the USB drive and then wait again until the system is restored.

Some Short Cut of MacBook

Option: Select OS while Turn On MacBook

Command+Option+R+P: Restore Factory Setting (Act this action will restart, but on sound appears like someone says on internet)

Command+Q: Exit Program

Command+W: Exit Document

Command+R: Process it when turn on Mac to restore system with WIFI

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