Make It Easy to Recover Lost Photos from Memory Card on Mac OS X PC

Need memory card data recovery?

Situation 1: Accidentally my memory card got break while i were inserting it in my card reader. Please suggest someone who can recover the data from it.

Situation 2: I deleted some photos wrongly and want them back. I use Windows OS and the memory card recovery program I can download from my memory card is only for Mac, Where can I find a Windows Version.

Situation 3: My SD memory card for my point and click camera was corrupted, and now every time I put the card in my laptop, all that shows is some alien gibberish. When I try to open up the folders, it won't open. Is there any way to get the pictures back?

Seems familiar? There are more situations like that you may come across someday. When this comes to you, don't worry. There is always a solution to a problem. Before performing the solution, you need to pay attention to something important that may decide whether you can get your photos back from the memory card. When you lost photos due to deletion, format, virus corruption or other reasons, the first thing you need to do is:

  • Stop using the memory card to take new photos

  • Don't transfer new data into the card

  • Don't try to read the card when it turns to be inaccessible

  • Keep your card well and don't make any physical damage

  • There are very important tips. That you can recover lost photo from memory card is just because the lost data are not really gone, just marked as useless and the space it takes is reusable for new data. So once the new data is written in the card, the lost data will be overwritten and you can't recover it with any data recovery software for memory card. Also, many untrustworthy card data recovery can make worse for your lost data. And physical damage makes your card broken and data unrecoverable.

    How to perform a memory card data recovery?

    "If some of the data recovery tools cannot be trusted, how to get back deleted photo from my card?" Don't panic, here we suggest you to have a try the high reputation card data recovery software comes from uFlysoft studio, which supports the photo/video/audio recovery from your memory card, most importantly, it's safe and easy to use.

    Ways to Get Back Memory Card Data

    Once you choose uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac to help you get back data from your memory card, all you need to do is just to follow the easy-to-use "3-step" operation below.

    First of all, install the application on your computer. (Worry about the fee? No need to do so. uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is free download/free scan application.)

    Secondly, connect your memory card with your Mac and start scanning.

    The last but not least, after scanning finished, click "Recover" and choose the path where you want to store the lost data.

    All of these just cost you a few minutes, after that you will be able to get back deleted files successfully.


    1. Do not store the recovered data in the path where you lost them before or you will not be able to get them back again.

    2. Get more details about Mac lost files on our official website