The Easy Way for Users to Recover Lost Excel Files on Mac

Excel is used to organize data in worksheets. It is an easy to use application, but it is also easy for the system to shutdown, power cut off, and deletions of these sheets to be mistakenly performed.

Most operating systems do not delete files permanently from computers. You need Data Recovery software to search, find, and perform you recovery data for Mac. This software program will recover information due to accidental deleting, virus infection, unexpected power failures or any other reason.

Recovering files that are unsaved on Mac is possible with the auto recovery feature that runs in the background. It is set to auto save documents every 10 minutes. Your entire excel spreadsheet may not be recovered, but the majority can be saved. When you close your machine, start up again and in the pane you will see your document.

When you are working on an Excel spreadsheet on a Mac OS and if you mistakenly deleted the spreadsheet, don’t save your excel file, but close the document and then reopen it. (If you had closed the total Excel program you would have lost the information and there would be no way to recover it.)

If Excel quits unexpectedly, just reopen Excel, and your Excel documents will be recovered. Another common problem is deleting Excel documents and emptying trash on you system. You can use this software for data recovery.
It is difficult to recover deleted excel documents on Mac. For example, you have two different Excel documents with the same name. They are in different files, but when you move them to one folder one of them will be replaced by the other file. You will not get the file back.

How to Recover Lost Excel for Mac

One efficient way to recover lost excel data for Mac is to use a program called uFlysoft data recovery. Download it to your computer and follow the instructions to recover files that have been accidentally deleted or lost.

This software has several different recovery modes for you to use. According to the way you lost your file, chose the appropriate recovery program. Select the drive where your Excel file was located, click on “scan”, and watch the lost and deleted documents load as a list.

When the lost data list is up and working, mark the Excel files you want to recover and start “scan”. Hit recover to begin restoring deleted excel files on Mac. If you have more files, click on the “back” button and repeat the above data recovery.

Once you have determined what files to recover, click “save”. Save these recovered documents to a partition, file or hard drive that is different from where the file originated.

It may not be easy to recover lost excel documents on Mac, but if you use the proper software that is designed for Mac you may be able to recover lost files on your Mac OS immediately.

For more details about Mac lost data recovery please visit our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio.