Tell You About What is Unformat and How to Unformat Lost Mac Files

Information about unformat

People always say, don't cry over spilt milk, because nobody can change what has been a fact but just regret. However, if we operate mistakenly on computers, we can rescue it now, such as, deletion, format, etc. which will lead to data loss. Here I take files unformat for example.

We format a new hard disk to prepare it for use, including setting up an empty file system, while the operating system erases all bookkeeping information on the disk, tests the disk to make sure all sectors are reliable, marks bad sectors (that is, those are scratched), and creates internal address tables for later use to locate information. Also we perform format when we want to clear content of a hard drive or arrange the great amount of files in the hard disks such as photos, videos, emails, etc. Format really helps us a lot to clear chaos, but what should we do if we find something important or not backed up are lost after format? This will make us feel troubled.

Exciting news comes to us that we don't need to worry about format lost files from now on, a reliable data recovery tool to unformat files to recover format lost files will do us a favor even if we know little about computer. uFlysoft Data Recovery Application for Mac, an easily-used and cost-efficient format recovery utility to unformat files, can recover format lost files from formatted FAT, NTFS hard disk, partition, USB drive, SD card or any other storage media which we could see in "My Computer".

Rules to Unformat Files from Formatted Disk

To unformat files from formatted disk is not an easy but highly technical task. In order to ensure high-quality file recovery, following rules must be noted:

  • Don't partition it again

  • Don't format again

  • Don't write files to it

  • No re-installation

  • Follow the rules above and with the help from uFlysoft Data Recovery Software, you will get back your lost data with ease.


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