Recover the Wrongly Deleted Data with Easy Way

How to recover the wrongly delete files? Using methods or tools? Are the “emptying trash” process means the files cannot be back forever? These are the hottest topics come from the Mac users when they met the file loss problem. Most of the file loss problems are caused by the wrongly delete. How to perform file recovery? Let’s keep reading this article to seek the answers.

“Early detection and early treatment”, this is the main point in recovering lost files. But the things we still need to pay attention are that when you need to decide to delete a file, you’d better think about it if this file is useless or not. Moreover, back up files regularly in daily lives can help you to avoid data loss problem. But if the files were deleted mistakenly (not including they were just moved to the Trash) and you don’t have backup, you need a method to bring back your lost files.

First Class-Store and Deletion

Let’s talk about the store and deletion of a file on your computer first. Why? In my opinion, once you make these things clearly, you can make a good choice that what method you need to take to recover the lost files.

Usually, a file which is stored on a computer is composed of a file header and file data. When you need to find a file on your computer, the computer OS will find the file header first, then read the file data by reading the info through the file header.

How about deleting a file? When you delete a file, the computer OS only make a mark on the file header to show this file is “deleted” and this file’s space is “released”. This means the data area of this file now is empty. When you put a new file into the place where the “deleted file” was stored before, the space may be taken by the new file and this is the co called data overwritten situation. This is why we need the “early detection” after you wrongly delete a file ’cause if the data overwritten happens, you have no chance to recover the lost files back.

How to Recover Lost Files

After you learn the above info you will easily understand if you need to recover the lost files, you just need to get back in the file header and remove the mark of deletion. The lost files will be back to you again. But how? It is still complicated for many users.

To help you to recover the lost file, a data recovery program is needed. Here I recommend you to try the uFlysoft data recovery software ’cause it works highly effective and safe for your files. You don’t need to worry about your files will be overwritten ’cause this software only does the read but not write operation on your computer. For more details about the steps of recovering files you can visit our official website to know more: