Recover Lost Files after Emptying Mac Trash or Windows Recycle Bin

You may have ever met this situation before: You need a file urgently and find anywhere in your computer hard drive, but you didn’t find it. At last, you realize that it seems that you’ve ever deleted some useless files before and the file you want is among them. At this moment you open your Trash (Mac) or Recycle Bin (Windows PC) and pray that you didn’t empty, but oh…You’ve already emptied it. Now you need to find ways to get this file back ’cause it is very important-it may be a Word document or Excel file which is related to your work, it may be a photo which is taken with your daring, it may be a video which is shoot for celebrating your one year old little kid’s birthday party.
Is it possible to recover the deleted files back? The answer is yes. Actually the computer user like you will know to find ways on Google to solve the data loss problem. But what is the most useful method? In this article, you will find the answer.

Must Know Principle-How Data Recovery Can Be Done

1. There is not really deleted files (expect data overwritten). The so called deletion is only because the computer OS makes a mark for these files to show you that they were deleted. The content of the files will not be deleted until you put anything new into the drive where they were stored before (this is the data overwritten situation).
2. Let me explain it simple. A file you store on the computer like a chain. The head of the chain likes the start address of this file. The whole file (the chain) is not actually connected everywhere, but just connected node by node. When you need to access this file, you just need to find the head of the chain by using the computer OS. And when you delete this file, actually you just delete the chain head, the data behind it is not deleted until the next time you put new file and this new file will take the position of this file.
3. The data recovery service or data recovery software is using the principle which is shown in the second point to perform the data recovery. If you delete the files and put the new files into your drive, the new files do not take the place or space of the deleted files, it is still possible for you to perform data recovery.

How to Recover the Deleted Files

As I said above, the data recovery service (or the repair shop) and data recovery software is the best choice for you to recover the lost files.
You can send your computer to the data recovery service shop or company to ask for help. But make sure your private message or personal info is not in the computer ’cause no body wants his/her own secrets are shown to the stranger. Sometimes, even the professional repair stuff (I mean a few bad guys) will leak your info.
In my opinion, you can try the data recovery software ’cause you can perform the data recovery by yourself. But make sure you find the good quality one. Some of the professional software I’ve used before and I will recommend you to try uFly Data Recovery.
For its powerful scan feature and recovery ability and the easy-to-use characteristic, uFly Data Recovery can help you to solve a data loss problem with ease. And it also cares about your files’ safety-only does the read process so that your files will not meet the data overwritten situation. For more guidance, you can go to our official website uFlysoft studio to know more.