Mac Lost Word Document Recovery Method for Mac Users

Life has become much simpler, faster and more productive ever since computers came into existence, for creating and arranging write ups. If you are one of those who have several Word files scattered on your desktop, then it is essential you learn about file recovery too. There might be endless word files on varied topics, some for professional use, while some for personal.

There are times when you are busy writing, editing or thinking on a topic, and an unavoidable situation results in a loss of word file. Loss of files in Mac could be due to sudden power off, while you are still writing and have not saved it. Another reason could be the Mac or Microsoft software stops responding, and you are forced to select the quit option. Thirdly, it could happen due to the damage caused by any virus. Last of all, any human or technical error unknown to you might also lead to such a problem, where the file gets shut unsaved. In such a case, none of the content gets saved and all you have is a corrupted file.

Reasons could be many, but the problem is same. The loss of an important file is quite disappointing, especially when you have a deadline to meet or have written something for future reference. Thankfully there are ways to recover word files on your Mac. Here a few common ways in which you could recover files:

Auto Recovery: This is the most common and easiest way to recover any file. However, this recovers the lost document, until the last automatic save by the word file. To auto recover files: Click on Auto Recovery, locate the files that are shown as “auto recovery of” and select the file you want to recover. Drag the file out from the search window and double click on it to reopen it in Microsoft word and save it.
Deleted document: Any document that has been deleted by you from the system and trash cannot be recovered by Microsoft word. However, Mac which has been brought after the year 2007 has a backup utility named – Time Machine. This allows you to backup your each file every hour and retrieve files that have been deleted.
Corrupted document: Although there are less chances of recovering a corrupted file, but few methods can be tried on. When you are able to open your word document in your Mac, simply convert the document in another format. Copy everything except the last paragraph and copy paste the corrupted content into a new document.

If you find the above method cannot help you to recover your Word document, then you may need to turn to data recovery software to recover Mac lost files because the data loss you’ve met may be a little complicated.
On the Internet, there are both free and paid version of data recovery programs. If you want to try the free version of data recovery software, I will suggest you to choose the safest one because some free versions are not designed well, even some will bring you the virus or ads which you don’t want.
Though there may be some good free data recovery programs on the Internet, If I were you, I will try some paid data recovery software because the paid version will offer you the full technical support like phone or email support so that you can contact them in 24 hours to solve any problems you’ve met during you are using this software.

Here I will suggest you have a try on uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, a powerful and suitable data recovery software which enable users to recover any kind of lost files without complicated process. Only a few steps and mouse clicks job then you can get back your files with ease.

With these easy and quick to do steps, you are sure to recover any file of yours that has been lost.

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