How to Recover Lost Files from Mac Partition

Recover Mac Deleted Partition

In daily Mac use, many users may have ever come across partition loss caused by virus infection or artificial deletion. And they feel panic-stricken but do not know how to solve the problem when facing this situation. We will introduce reasonable solutions to all Mac users. When partition loss occurs, we can cope with it in two ways.

If there is no data in the deleted partition, it will not bring serious losses for users, only influencing disk utilization ratio. At this time, we can use Mac built-in Disk Utility to create new partition or extend other partitions, reusing the space of the deleted partition. Successively click "Applications" - "Utilities" - "Disk Utility" to open Disk Utility and then select "Partition" to enter partition management interface.

But if there are important data in that deleted partition, things would become different. First you can't try to repartition it or reusing the disk space unless you get all your needed data back. Then you should stop using your Mac right the moment you find partition of important data has been deleted. Then get yourself a trustworthy data recovery tool for Mac. Use it to scan your hard disk.

Mac Deleted Partition Recovery Software

The best solution to recover Mac lost files is to find you a reliable Mac data recovery tool. To start with, you need an app that you can manage the process of undelete on your own and this app is uFlyfsoft Data Recovery for Mac. It offers Lost Partition Recovery module, which is used to recover lost data when the partition has been deleted, lost or missing.

What's more, it has different modes catering for diverse causes that result in data loss, such as system failure, hardware problems, accidentally deleting, formatting and so on. It can work very well under Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8, being compatible with HFS/HFS+, FAT and NTFS. No matter you want to undelete data from your Mac computer, USB drive, SD card or digital camera, EaseUS Mac data recovery would be the best choice for you.

In general, uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery works in two stages: Scanning the disk - this will let you define if the lost file can be recovered and Recover itself - this is what you can do once you discover your file can be recovered.

Steps for Deleted Partition Recovery

Free download the free trial to scan for the lost data and preview them one by one to check the quality before you pay for it.(Only the photos can be previewed)

Install the program and open the software.

Choose drive where you delete partition to scan and then preview the data. (Only the photos can be previewed.)

After scanning is finished, click "Recover" button to get back lost data in a few minutes.


If you need to get more details about Mac lost files recovery, please log on our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio.