How to Recover Lost Files from MMC Card on Mac OS X PC

We have introduced many types of memory cards to you before. Today we will show you a kind of memory cards which is also popular in the world, the MMC card.

About MMC Card

MMC card, also called Multimedia Card, is a flash memory card standard. Unveiled in 1997 by Siemens AG and SanDisk, it is based on Toshiba's NAND-based flash memory, and much smaller than earlier systems based on Intel NOR-based memory such as CompactFlash. MMC is about the size of a postage stamp: 24 mm × 32 mm × 1.4 mm. MMC originally used a 1-bit serial interface, but newer versions of the specification allow transfers of 4 or 8 bits at a time. It has been more or less superseded by SD (Secure Digital) card, but still sees significant use because MMCs can be used in most devices that support SD cards.

Typically, an MMC is used as a storage medium for a portable device, in a form that can easily be removed for access by a PC. What’s more, MMCs are available in sizes up to and including 32 GB. They are used in almost every context in which memory cards are used, like cellphones, digital audio players, digital cameras and PDAs.

In a word, MMC card is just like other memory cards, make our lives convenient. But every coin has two sides. MMC card also has some shortages, for example, the data loss.

Causes of MMC Card Data Loss

MMC card data loss means the photos or the music in the MMC card disappeared suddenly. What make this happen? The reasons are listed as follows.

1. You are transferring your photos/music from your MMC card to your computer. Accidentally you touch the data line, causing the USB disconnected.

2. The sudden shutting down of the camera or cellphone when you are using them to take photos or listen to the music. This may make the photos/music lost.

3. The virus! If your computer is affected with virus, when you connect your MMC card to it, your MMC card will be infected with the virus, this also can make your photos/music disappear.

If you meet any of the situations above, I suggest you to use data recovery software to recover lost data from MMC card and the best choice is uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

Perform MMC Card Data Recovery

As a powerful and high reputation recovery application, uFlysoft Data Recovery can help you to achieve MMC data recovery with ease; all you need is following the steps below.

1. Download and install uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. It’s a FREE download application so don’t worry anything about downloading.

2. Launch the program, choose the MMC Card which is connected with the computer/Mac and start scanning. After that, the only thing you need to do is waiting.

3. A few minutes later, you can preview the photo/music which you deleted before. Click “Recover” and then your photos/music will come back to you again.

Not only the photos, audio and video files but also the other types of files such as Word, Excel, can be recovered by uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. With it, you can also achieve the videos recovery easily.

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