How to Recover Lost or Deleted Photo Files on Your Mac PC

Is it difficult to perform deleted photo recovery? Yes, it's not an easy job for common users to restore photos. But with easy-to-use photo restore software, it is possible for user to recover lost photo files on their Mac OS X PC.

Photos Give Us Happiness

People always want to live a long time or maintain their time; they have been searching for so many years to find out the methods since the human was born. They failed to realize this dream. Luckily, human has invented camera to take photos, by which people could keep the time, especially cherished time to the photos as their precious memory. The memory kept in photos could bring people back to their happy times as if they are staying at an eternal space.

We should say thanks to camera which brings us happiness, we should say thanks to George Eastman who invented the camera, we should say thanks to the people who are innovating to camera. We are enjoying hi-tech digital camera, which is convenient and quick to use. The most impressive feature is the way to store photos. We used printing paper to develop films at past, while we just store them on storage medium now, for example, hard drive, External(Removable) hard drive, CD-ROM, Floppy disk, USB flash drive, Digital audio player, Memory Stick, SD Card, etc. in certain types such as jpg, jpeg and so on. Even we could enjoy the photos on computer directly without developing them. Life is so wonderful with camera because it keeps our precious memory.

Photo Loss Disappoints Us

However, it also disappoints us even makes us sad or frantic. Why? We keep our photos in storage media, the deadly defect of which is that they could give me a promise to keep the photos forever, especially some photos in jpg type or jpeg type.

However, once you wrongly delete the photos or format the storage media, you will find your cherished photos are gone, which were taken when it was your child’s first birthday or the only copy with your old friends. Those photos are so precious that you need a method for jpg restore. Here are several ways to recover lost photos. You could send it to manual data recovery service center or use some data recovery software, especially for photo restore to recover those deleted photos.

As it's known to all that, manual data recovery service costs a certain amount of money, so data recovery software for jpg restore is highly recommended only if you photo storage medium can be recognized. Here we take uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac as an example.

Data Recovery Software Can Solve Problems

uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is easy-to-use data recovery software that will search for and restore lost photos from many kinds of storage media under Mac OS. It's as easy as ABC. Now let’s follow the 3 steps below to achieve photo recovery with ease.

1. Install the free download uFlysoft Data Recovery on your Mac.

2. Launch the software. Follow the onscreen prompts to choose the place where the lost photos were stored and click the “Scan” button. (If you want to recover photos from your store device, just connect it with your Mac and choose it to scan.)

3. After scanning finished, click the “Recover” button, and then you will be asked for a "destination folder" where the program will save the repaired file. Select a secured location on your hard drive and follow the rest of the prompts to complete the task.

After all of these steps, you will find it is so easy to get lost digital photo back.


1. Do not save the recovery photo files in the place where the lost photos were stored before or you will lose them forever!

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