How to Recover the Lost or Deleted Video Files on Your Mac PC

About Video

Video is the technology of electronically capturing, recording, processing, storing, transmitting, and reconstructing a sequence of still images representing scenes in motion.

Video technology was first developed for cathode ray tube (CRT) television systems, but several new technologies for video display devices have since been invented. Charles Ginsburg led an Ampex research team developing the first practical video tape recorder (VTR). In 1951 the first video tape recorder captured live images from television cameras by converting the camera's electrical impulses and saving the information onto magnetic video tape.

Nowadays, video not only store in the VCD, DVD or video tape, but also store in our Computer/Mac. With this technology, people can watch them more convenient.

But since this technology appear, a big problem is coming-the data loss of video file. Today, we will show you the reasons of video file loss and find a good way to perform video file recovery on your Mac with ease by yourself.

Reasons of Video File Loss

Video files are stored in the hard disk of computer/Mac system and in memory card of mobile. There are many situations when we are unable to access video files. These files are lost due to following reasons.

1. Human Error

One of the biggest causes of video files loss is human error. Human error can consist of accidentally formatting a computer hard drive or memory card, unknowingly deleting a file or folder and damage to the computer.

2. Virus

Certain types of viruses, Trojans and other types of malware can corrupt a computer/Mac system and cause data become either lost or unusable. If you connect your memory card with video inside to a PC/Mac which is already infected with virus, your video files may be lost due to the virus too.

3. Hardware Problem

A hardware problem, such as a bad hard drive, can cause a significant amount of data loss. A hard drive that has a bad sector is unable to write data to that area. If data was on a sector that can no longer be accessed, it most likely is lost. The most typical type of hardware problem is an error with the hard disk drive.

So many people ask one question, "If we meet the situation above, can we recover video file with some software?" Here we bring you the answer, uFlysoft data recovery software.

Achieve Video File Recovery with Ease

Why to suggest you to try on uFlysoft data recovery software? The data recovery well supports the advanced recovery settings, which enables you to recover video files easily. With its highly developed scanning technologies, you can scan your device deeply to find out all the lost RM files just in a while.Without further ado, let's start the "3 Steps" to recover the lost RM files.

1. Install the free download application on your Mac.

2. Launch the program and select your device where the lost video files were stored and start to scan.

3. After scanning finished, click the button "Recover", you will be asked where you want to store the files. DO NOT save the recovered files to the same path where you lost them before.

After the three easy steps, you will find all your lost video files are coming back to you again. All of these steps just cost you a few minutes.

Feel free to check more posts on our official website uFlysoft studio or follow the video tutorial below to get more details about Mac lost data recovery whenever you want.