Recover Lost Files from Mac OS X PC with Data Recovery Software

File deletion from your Mac system is one of the most common instances of data loss that can happen to anyone, anytime. What you lost could be an office document, an important PDF file, your memorable photos, audio/video files, or an entirely deleted folder or volume. Sometimes any loss of data may bring you truly devastating consequences. The causes of data loss can be many. This article will show you the reasons of data loss and offer the method of performing lost data recovery on Mac OS X PC.

Situations Need Mac Data Recovery Software

Below are a few scenarios when you may require recover files from your Mac system.

• Unintentionally emptied the trash containing some important files, documents, photos, etc.

• File loss due to formatting or resizing your Mac volumes.

• Formatted your corrupt or inaccessible iPod, pen drive, external hard drive etc. to get them back to working.

• Intentional file deletion from a commonly shared storage

• File loss due to deadly virus and malware

How to Recover Mac Lost Files

With uFlysoft deleted recovery, you can easily cope with the above mentioned situations. uFlysoft deleted recovery is the fast and easy way to recover files on Mac OS X. You can recover files from your internal hard drive and almost any other type of storage device you can connect to your Mac, including external hard drives, and USB flash drives. Delete recovery is possible for all major file systems including HFS/HFS+, FAT and NTFS. It has never been easier to do shift delete recovery on your Mac - and best of all, you can scan your hard drive or device and see which files can be recovered with ease!

Mac Data Recovery Tool - Recovery Capabilities

1. Recover files emptied from the Mac Trash Bin.

2. Recover files deleted via bypassing Mac Trash Bin.

3. Recover files deleted using DOS command prompt.

4. Recover folders and files deleted after pressing Shift + Delete on the keyboard.

5.  Recover files erased when the Move or Cut command has been used.

6.  Recover files mistakenly removed by other applications or by viruses.

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