How to Recover Lost PDF Files on Your Mac

While making an assignment for a project, it is advisable to save all your important documents in the form of a PDF i.e. a portable document format. PDF serves as a viable option when you are creating an article for a magazine, content for a flyer, website or brochure and intend to preserve the actual graphic illustrations used in the format. All the leading search engines allow the ability to view PDF’s online.

But, as much as it is easy to save all important information in a PDF file, loss or deletion of PDF files is also a common problem faced by one and all. How much ever you may try and preserve your PDF file in a folder or online, you cannot avoid the risk of its damage/loss. A PDF file could get distorted due to many reasons. It could be due to human error which results in permanently deleting an important file in the place of another one. Another reason could be due to a virus attack or power shutdown which results in corrupted PDF file. When the drive is accidentally formatted then too, it results in the loss of a PDF file. Along with this, OS crash or reinstallation also results in the damage to a PDF file.

As a result of all these occurrences the PDF files does not get erased completely, but, its reference for the exact location gets erased. The operating system shows that space where the file was saved as blank and ready for reuse, which makes you believe that the file is permanently deleted. However, there are ways to restore the original file back in your Mac. There are several file recovery software tools available to recover PDF files for Mac. These tools allow you to recover all your lost PDF’s easily in no time. All you have to do is buy a paid or free trial version of the software and download it on your Mac.

Once uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac  is setup on your Mac, you can make use of the “deleted file recovery” or “lost file recovery” depending on your needs. The software allows you to select the files that you want to recover so that you can get them saved back again on your Mac. The process is easy and simple, and in just a few clicks here and there you are ready to use your lost PDF files again. Here is a guide on how to restore a PDF file on your Mac:

  • Choose the right option depending on whether you file has been deleted or lost.

  • Choose the drive from that contained your file initially.

  • The files to be recovered shall be displayed in two views – data type and file type. Select the appropriate option.

  • It was simple, isn’t it? Follow the aforementioned guidelines and forget the trouble of recreating PDF files after you’ve deleted or lost them.

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