uFlysoft Studio Offers Mac Data Recovery Software for Users

uFlysoft Studio, a software and web development company that specializes in file and data recovery, is pleased to announce a full line of software dedicated to recovering files from Macs. Many consumers accidentally delete files that they need and wonder how to recover lost files from Mac devices, and now with uFlysoft's software that process is both simple and affordable. "We have created software that is not only simple to operate, even for an individual with very little technical knowledge, but also very affordable. Our goal is to create amazing tools that help consumers recover files that they accidentally or inadvertently delete from their computers," stated company founder Steven Lee.

Macs have a number of advantages over PCs. Because Macs are all built by Apple using standardized components they are generally faster, more stable and more streamlined than PCs, and because Apple are masters of design, the user experience is considered to be a lot more fluid. However, because of these same advantages, the Mac is often something of a black box, and when something is lost within it, it is lost forever. uFlysoft studio data recovery for Mac helps people discover how to recover lost word document on Mac, or how to recover other kind of files on Macs through their powerful data recovery software, which now has new features to make it even easier to recover lost files.

The new edition not only has data recovery for important files and documents, but image recovery that allows people to search only for image files. The software also features RAW recovery mode which is the most powerful recovery engine yet, and can even recover files on memory sticks and cards, and even on iPods and other plugin devices.

About uFlysoft Co 

uFlysoft Co.,Ltd. is a web-based marketing software development company. The company has very passionate R&D, marketing and product teams, each dedicating to the field of consumer software and mobile software development. The company has a firm finger on the pulse of the industry with a mission to build a globally competitive brand through products end users will love.

For more information about us, please visit official website: http://www.uflysoft.com/ or visit the product page: http://www.uflysoft.com/data-recovery-mac/