The Way to Recover Mac OS X Lost Files with Ease

Accidentally dragged important files to Mac Lion trash bin and right clicked the Empty Trash option without a hesitation, but later found you have made a huge mistake and wondering if there is a way to recover deleted files on Mac OS X?

As you know for us Mac users, Trash Bin is not strange to us. We use it nearly every day. And we also know that the items we sent to Trash Bin are still recoverable. What we need to do is just to click 'pull back'. But it would become a little bit difficult if you have emptied the Trash Bin.

What Happens after Emptying Mac Trash Bin

The fact is-there are so many similar characters between Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operation systems. As we know wiping Mac trash is just like emptying Windows recycle bin, and Command Delete under OS X is equal to Shift Del under Windows. But both methods won't erase deleted files permanently, at least for quite a moment. When you carelessly made similar commands, ONLY deleted files are marked as 'deleted' (state) by the index of file system (HFS+ with Mac OS) but the real data are still kept 100% intact right on the hard drive of your Macintosh.

However if you keep using your computer, those 'deleted' data will one day be overwritten by the new generated by human activity (such as store new sizable files to that partition or install new applications etc). Once overwritten, those emptied files are then now deleted for good. But usually it will take quite a time, sometimes months or years to reach that overwritten state if the storage volume of Mac hard drive is large. In a word as long as the real data not fully covered, chances are there to undelete trashed files Mac Lion.

The first thing should do-Immediately stop saving or adding new files to your Macintosh HD once you have wiped Trash Bin.

Mac Deleted Files Recovery Software

uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac-professional Mac data recovery software, is capable of recovering deleted files from Mac hard drive. Data lost due to formatting, hard drive corruption, or virus attack, etc, can also be recovered by this Mac deleted file recovery software. Not only for Mac machines, it is also can be applied to recover lost photos from digital camera, like Nikon, Canon, Sony or files from USB flash drive, portable storage device and so on.

The easy steps of Mac data recovery are listed as follow:

1. Download the free trial of uFlysoft Data Recovery Software and launch the program.

2. Start scanning out your lost data and preview them one by one(Only the photos can be preview).

3. After the secondly step, choose which file you want to recover and click "Recover" button and choose the path where you want to save the recovered data.

See? It's so easy for you to recover lost data by yourself!


If you want to get more details about Mac OS X file recovery, just feel free to visit our official website uFlysoft studio.