Software Helps You in Recovering Deleted Files on Your Computer

Many of computer users include you and I may have the habit to clean up the useless files from our hard drive or clean up the Recycle bin so that our computer can run fast. But sometimes we may mistakenly delete some important files with the useless one and clean up the recycle bin then we may think the files are gone forever.

If the files were deleted and move to the recycle bin, we can recover them from the recycle bin but what if we deleted the files and clean up the recycle bin? How to perform lost file recovery? I think lots of computer users must know that actually the files can be got back, but it is very difficult for them and the most important point is that many data recovery companies are earning their live by fixing the complicated lost file rescue process.

So, how to recover the deleted files? Are there any simple ways to perform it? Today I will show you my experience and some tips to help you to recover the deleted files.

Using the Computer OS Recovery Function

If you are using Windows XP or other Windows OS, there still ways to get the files back. In Windows XP, there is a system recovery function. All you need to do is to click “Start”-”Application”-”attachment”-”System Tools”-”System Recovery” and then find the file’s last exist data, enter the recovery point, and follow the steps it offers to you and then you can get the files back. But the most important point is that you must have the recovery point, but most of the users did not get this.

Using the Professional File Recovery Tool

I show you the general way above and it is the simple way, but what if most of the computer users do not conform to the condition above? What if they are not using the Windows XP or Windows OS but using the Mac PC? If this is what you meet right now, you may need to use the data recovery program.

What is the data recovery program? The data recovery program is a tool which is made by the professional data recovery company which helps users to solve the complicated data recovery process and the company is making money by selling them. So it is obvious that the software will cost you lots of money. Maybe you think you can search for the free version and that’s what I am talking about.

Most of the so called Cracked Version of the data recovery software on the net will come bundled with the virus like Trojan or the pesky ads which may do harm to your files’ safety.

If I were you, I will recommend the uFlysoft File Recovery Software. (No means I am advertising, it’s just an advice ’cause I’ve check it for one time.)

Why? uFlysoft File Recovery Software is one easy-to-use and powerful file recovery tool which can handle the file rescue process no matter the files were lost from accidental deletion, mistakenly formatting, lost partition or emptying the recycle bin. It uses the latest data scan function which uses “read only” to find out the piece of the original files. By using the high-tech data analysis algorithm, the recovery function will build up the files in original size and quality so the files can be got back successfully.

Now let’s just take the Mac version as an example to show you how it makes the recovery become for users:

Download and install the software on your Mac first but remembers don’t install to the path where the lost files were stored before;

Choose a path to start scanning, the scanning may last long or short time is based on the path space is large or small, so be patient and wait;

When the scanning is finished, you will have a list of found files and you can preview (only photo files can be previewed) and choose the target files you want to recover and then you can click the button “Recovery” to start to get your files back.

Only these steps and no more technical skills are needed. Get files back easily. Why not just come and have a try?

More for You

The software actually can help you to recover lots of your deleted files. But if your data is very important such as it is related to million dollars businesses (just an example), then I do suggest you find the professional data recovery company.

Then the next thing you need to pay attention is that get the genuine software so that no virus can harm your files.

If you still need more technical support for data recovery you can visit our official website: