How to Solve File Loss Porblem Due to File Fromatting

Formatting is the function which we use in our daily lives when we are using the computer and we can say that formatting means the files were “deleted” from the partition which they were belonging to.

But formatting the files did not mean the files were really deleted forever. When the files were formatted did not mean the files were disappearing from the hard drive forever. Actually, formatted files are still exist in the hard drive. So, what can we do to recover the formatted files? Today we will talk about how to restore the lost files after formatting in this article.

First Thing First-Protection

No matter you store your files in the hard drive, USB drive, memory card or other storage device, when the files were formatted and you need to recover the formatted files then you’d better not do the read/write process to your device because you do this, the new data will overwrite the original data and you will have no chance to get the lost data back. That means if you want to recover the lost files when you formatted the files, the first thing it not the “data recovery process” but the file protection.

1. When you realize the data were formatting, stop doing any operations on the device where the files were stored before.

2. When you decide to find ways to recover the files, don’t save the software or tool you have chosen on the path the files were stored before.

These two important points can help you avoid the data overwritten situation. When you make sure this, you can start to find the solution to get the files back after formatting.

Solution for Formatted File Recovery

Actually you can take your device to the expert who is professional for solving this situation. But sometimes you may meet the bad guys who may steal your private or important files or account information on your computer. So in my opinion, find the data recovery software is a good idea ’cause you can do it yourself.

Here I recommend you to have a try on uFlysoft Data recovery software-no means it is an advertisement, but I’ve tried it one time before and it actually worked. And the most important thing is that it is not only safe for your files but also makes the complicated data recovery operation become easier in the following 3 steps:

1. Once you choose the software comes from uFlysoft studio, install it on your Mac (Here we use Mac version as an example to show you how to do it) but make sure you do not install it on the path your lost data were stored there;

2. Choose the device the files you formatted and start scanning;

3. After scanning is finished, you can preview (only photo files can be previewed) the found files and choose the one you want to get back and click button “Recovery”. The program will recover the files immediately.

After these 3 steps, you will find that this software works for you and your data are back to you again!

More Tips

The software actually helps users to get lost or formatted files back, but what about next time? Not every time you are lucky enough that the lost files were not overwritten by the new data. So build the backup is always useful to avoid the data loss problem.

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