Is Your Mac Safe Enough-How to Protect Your Mac Data

Mac OS X has the strong defense function which make your Mac stay safe and protect your Mac away from virus and malware, avoid the unnecessary troubles.

Defend Computer Virus and Malware

You don’t need to do any complicated operation to get the full protection. Mac OS X offers multi-level protection system which has the ability to against the virus or other malware. For example, it provides the technology which named “Sandbox” to avoid hacker destroy your program: Limit the operation which can be done or which cannot be done on your Mac, or limit the permission to visit the files or launch the apps. Other security function like Library Randomization and Execute Disable can also help you to secure your Mac.

A New Level of Data Security

Some third party data security apps can help you to protect your personal data, even other persons get it and you don’t need to worry about it. This kind of software can encrypt your whole drive on your Mac, some use XTS-AESW 128 encryption technology to protect your data. Moreover, this kind of software can encrypt any other drive and help you to protect and backup the data which you store on Time Machine to other storage device.

Be Alert Every Moment

Some files which you download from internet seem to be no harm, but sometimes some virus or malware are hidden in these files. So when you use Safari, Mail or iChat to download files, they will pick up for you to check if there any virus or malware are contained in the files. If yes, Mac OS X will remind you and alert when you first time to open the files. If there is malware in the files you download, Mac OS X will put them into the Mac Trash Bin.

Auto Upgrade

Once Mac OS X find there are potential safety hazard, the system will acts and offers software upgrade and security upgrade, just one click to download and install. Apple cooperates with FIRST, FreeBSD and other security organization. to identify security vulnerabilities. What’s more, Apple also cooperate with CERT/CC and other organizations.

Easy to Customize

Use Mac OS X, you can easy to customize and use the security function. For example, when you are setting file sharing, system will visit the setting and make sure this operation is safe and then start to share the files with others.

Protect Your Privacy

The System Preferences now has the option to control the privacy of yours, this can help to control the Location Service and Diagnostic Information Sharing. The System Preferences in Safari contains the privacy section which allow you to limit or stop cookies or limit the website to locate where your Mac is.

Parental Controls

As parents, you must want your kids have the good environment to use the computer. Sometimes if you are busy, Mac OS X can help you to protect your kids. Just a few setting and then you can control and watch the kid to protect them.

Avoid Phishing Site

Phishing is one kind of network attack types. The thief on the network build a fake website to cheat to get users account, password and credit card information, etc. The anti phishing technology in Safari can detect this kind of website and protect you away from this kind of dangerous. If you try to visit this kind of sites, Safari will forbid you to visit this site and warn you.

Surf the Internet Safely

No matter you are checking your bank account or send the private email, or share your files with your friends, Mac OS X can ensure you surf the internet safely. For example, some functions like Password Assistant can help you to set a password which is safe enough to avoid and virus or malware.


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