How to Recover Deleted Picture File on Your Mac

How to recover deleted pictures for Mac is a question which umpteen number of Mac users might face every now and then. Pictures, photographs and images can easily be deleted and lost on Mac. Maybe purposely, accidentally, through a false operation or through a virus attack as well. It might be something of great importance which you would want to recover, isn’t it?

All your worries are about to get over because Mac caters to all. There are ample numbers of software tools which recover pictures and photographs from Mac. Various data recovery software’s can rescue and recover your data within no time. The tools are able to recover pictures and data from both Mac hard drive and other transportable storage devices. It can easily recover pictures with their recent name and path. Here is a guide to recovering deleted pictures on your Macintosh. Once you’ve installed a recovery software, you can follow these tips.

  • Download & Launch: Whenever you download any software, make sure you have downloaded all of its properties and launch it on your Mac.

  • Select the file: Once you have launched the software, you need to answer the questions asked by the software. Select and type the name of the file you want to recover and opt for the volume or partition where your photos originally were. Once you are done with this, the program will automatically begin and start scanning the volume and try to rescue the lost data for you. The entire process wouldn’t last for long and all the software’s are built in such a way that the process doesn’t consume much time.

  • Recover: In no time you will get the results and the data that is found, would be exhibited on the main window of the software. You can then opt for the data you want and save it by clicking on Recover.

  • Additional Benefits: All these photo recovery software tools come with additional benefits. They can not only recover the images and photographs but they are also capable of restoring other data that has been trashed or emptied. It would be easy for anyone using Mac to recover the lost data. The best part being that they are easy to use for both the professional as well as for the beginner level users.

  • Always remember that you must eject out the SD card or memory card when you have deleted the pictures accidently or through a sudden operation. Through this function, your pictures won’t be overwritten by new ones and would remain safe and secure. Also remember, don’t write your files on the hard drive or your memory card. Eject it out as soon as you comprehend that your data and pictures have been lost. This would save you from the horror of having deleted files forever.

    Tips You May Need

    1. Don’t save the recovered files on the path where your lost files stored before or you may lose them forever.

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