How to Get Lost Data Back from Crash Mac Hard Drive

"Please help me! My laptop crashed in a sudden and I could no longer reboot it. So I take its hard drive out and connect it with another notebook. Then the problem comes. I can see the drive letter on my notebook but I can hardly access my hard drive. But I do need my files on that hard drive. Can someone tell me what to do to perform Mac crash drive lost data recovery?"

If your Mac hard drive is totally broken, it is almost impossible for you to retrieve lost data on it. What you can do is just to try to repair it. Fortunately, your crashed hard drive can still be recognized by your computer, thought it seems that you have no chance to access it.

With a hard drive crash data recovery program like uFlysoft Data Recovery Mac tool-uFlysoft Data Recovery Software for Mac OS, you can easily and safely recover Mac data from a crashed hard drive. This special program gives you a chance to have a total scanning on your crashed hard drive, and then you will be able to retrieve almost all kinds of files from it, including videos, pictures, audio files, document files, etc.

Recover Data after Mac Hard Drive Crash in 3 Steps

No matter you can or you can open it, the most important thing is that your crashed hard disk can be connected with your computer and recognized as a hard drive. Now let's perform hard drive crash data recovery with Mac version of uFlysoft Data Recovery.

1. Install uFlysoft Mac Files Recovery and launch it

2. Scan partitions to find lost files (If you want to recover lost files from your storage device on Mac, just connect your device with your Mac and choose it to scan)

3. Preview, recover and save what you deleted or lost data (Pay attention: only the photo files can be previewed)

No need more technical skills, only a few clicks to perform Data Recovery for Mac, why not come and have a try right now?

Supported File Types, File Systems, Storage Devices and OS

File Types: Almost all file types

File Systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS & NTFS5

Storage Devices: USB Digital Media, Pen Drive, Zip Drive, Hard Drive, Floppy Drive and many more.

Operating Systems: Mac OS.

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