How to Perform Camera Lost Photo Recovery on Mac with Ease

How to get back my photos?

“Help! Can somebody give me a hand? I don’t know why I cannot find my photos in the digital camera, what should I do? Take it to the repair shop? But I am too busy to have it repaired. Guys, just give me some ideas, thanks.”

Nowadays, more and more people get the digital camera because it’s convenient and has a huge space where you can keep your photos. Unfortunately, misfortune strikes sometimes. Just like the problem above, some people will find that their photos which are kept in the camera suddenly disappear but the camera still can work.

I think most people will feel anxious and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry; let’s figure out the most probable reasons which cause the problems.

Physical Damage

.Suddenly shut down (Low battery)

.Drop on the floor and crash

.Memory card damage

If you are sure that your problem doesn’t appear above, check the reasons listed as follows.

.Carelessly deleted the photos or formatted your camera

.Connect to the computer which is infected by the virus

.The wrong operation on your camera (Pull out the SD card without shutting down the camera)

Ways to Get Back Camera Data

Find your problem above? OK, then let’s start the recuse action to save your camera! You need digital camera data recovery software to get your photos back under Mac OS X platform. uFlysoft recovery software is powerful and convenient for using. With it, you can retrieve your accidentally erased pictures 100% and bring your precious moments back in minutes!

And the most important thing is the operation of uFlysoft recovery software is very easy. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

1. Connect your camera with the computer, launch uFlysoft recovery software. (If you are a Mac user, use uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, for those who use Windows OS, uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Win is a best choice for you.)

2. Choose the camera and start scanning, uFlysoft recovery software will scan your camera and find out the photos lost before.

3. After scanning is finished, click the button “Recover”, then all you need is waiting. After a few minutes, the lost photos are all coming back!


1. After finishing camera data recovery, back up your photo in the camera to the computer/Mac is important.

2. Take care of your camera, far away from the water and the fire, also don’t make it shut down in the abnormal situation.

3. Get more details about data recovery on our official website uFlysoft studio or check the video below.