How to Recover Files from Emptied Mac Trash

With the popularization of using Mac and the development of computer technology, more and more people use the Mac to help their works, studies, etc. But it is inevasible that some data or files which are useless when you do things on our Mac. How to deal with this kind of file? Most of the Mac users will choose to delete them and then empty the recycle bin. But during emptying recycle bin, some useful or important files may be deleted by accidentally operation and it is hard to get them back. This article will talk about this situation and explain how to recover deleted after emptying Mac trash.

Principle about Deleting Files and Possibility of File Recovery

To make the recovery successful, the first thing we need to make clear is that how the data store and delete in our hard drive or storage device. So here I will explain it in the simple way.

A file store in the hard drive has its own Physical Address, the address information store in a place named Partition Table and this Partition Table has the address of all the stored files. When you try to find or open a file in your hard drive, the first thing the computer does for you is to search the file information in the Partition Table, find the file’s address, and then locate it and open it for you.

When you delete a file, the file itself is not deleted but only the Physical Address is deleted, so the computer system cannot find the address, this is the reason why when you deleted the files you cannot find it anywhere on your computer.

So why the files can be recovered? The address of the deleted file cannot be found, right? So the space of the file you deleted has been free up and wait for the new data to be put in. So if you did not put any new data in to the drive where your deleted file was stored before, it is possible to get the file back from emptied Mac Trash Bin.

How to Get Files Back

After you learn the above information you will know there is still chance to get lost files back even empty the Mac Trash, but how? You may take the Mac or storage device to the repair shop to ask for help and yes it does help you to get back the files. I don’t talk about you will spend lots of time and money on it, I just remind you if you unluckily meet the bad guy who will steal your private message or account information, what is the result?

Perhaps you will say that you haven’t the skill to handle the data recovery process so I will recommend you to have a try on the do-it-yourself data recovery software.

Actually there are lots of paid software or freeware on the net you can choose to use. But I don’t think the freeware is a good choice ’cause you don’t know if it brings you the virus. So the paid software may be a good choice at least you can find the support team of the software you choose to solve any problem you meet. In this article I will suggest you to have a try on uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. Why? The reason is simple-it is easy to use, it actually work and the most important thing is it won’t do harm to your original data. So let’s check the steps the software to take to process the data recovery.

First of all, when you choose the data recovery software of uFlysoft studio, install it on your Mac but make sure you do not install it on the path where your lost files were stored before;

Secondly, choose the path the files were deleted from and start the scanning, the time of the scanning will last for long if the path is large so just be patience and wait for a while;

The last step, when scanning is finished, a list of files on the interface left side is waiting for preview (only photo files can be previewed), just choose the files you want to recover and start recovery by hitting button “Recovery”.

When you finish the steps above, you will find that all of your lost files are recovered and you just need to choose a safe destination to save them. (Save the recovered files to the drive which the deleted files were lost from will make the data overwritten problem, so the software will suggest you to save the files to another drive which has enough space to store them.)

Kindly Remind

1. Don’t do any operation on your Mac during the data recovery process ’cause this action will make the data recovery become difficult.

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