How to Recover Lost Files after Files Had Been Overwritten

In our daily live when we are operating on our computer, there are always download the new files while deleting the other files. Some of the deleted files are useless but some of them are still needed. Because of our mistaken process we may delete some important files, but lucky we can use some methods (like the recovery function of the computer OS) to get the files back. But if the drive where the deleted files were stored before has been put new files on which means the deleted files were overwritten then this may make the file recovery become difficult. So what to do to recover the deleted files? Today we will talk about this topic.

Ways to Get Deleted Files Back

Use the Registry to fix the emptied recycle file recovery does not work for the data overwritten situation. This problem must be solved by the professional data recovery service. Maybe you think you can take your computer or storage device to the repair shop to get the files back. Yes it works but if you meet the guy who harbor evil intentions may steal your private files or account information. Moreover, this way may take you a lot of time and money. So what to do?

If I were you, I would like to try the data recovery software and here I recommend you to have a try on uFlysoft Data Recovery software to get the files back. Yes you may think it seems like an advertisement, but I just want to say this software helps me a lot when I jam in the data loss problem.

Why Choose uFlysoft Data Recovery

I am not so sure if any other software works like uFlysoft, but it gives me a good user experience. The uFlysoft data recovery software support amount of file formats no matter the Mac OS or Windows PC the users are using. What's more, the scanning function impressive me- the free scan option can help you to target the files first, then upgrade to the full version which protect your right. Focus on data recovery field makes this software develop stronger technical skills to deal with the changes of data recovery technology. And the most important thing is that it is very easy to use-even the new users of computer who does not has many technical skills can handle this software by using the so-called "3-step" operation like below:

1. I just need to install it on my Mac (I am using Mac so I choose the Mac version) first;

2. My files were stored on a memory card so I connect it with my Mac, the software will show my card on the interface and I just need to choose it to scan; (For those whom need to recover the hard drive files just need to choose the hard drive, but I did not try this.)

3. After the scanning is finished I got lots of the found files on the software interface left side and I can preview them (I have to say that only photo files can be previewed is not enough) and then I choose the file I need to recover and start to recover the files.

Only these 3 steps to use to get files back. No more words to say. Why not just come and have a try?

Notes I Make

1. Actually none of the data recovery software can guarantee 100% to get lost files back (around 2% of my files cannot be recovered from my memory and I don't know the reasons.) so don't depend on the software completely and the most important thing is that you need to build a good habit to build a backup for your important files regularly.

2. uFlysoft studio now is promoting for the Christmas Season, if you just like me-meet the file loss problem, you can get the software cheaper than before on their Christmas promotion page.