How to Recover Lost Photos from Digital Camera on Mac PC

At the beginning of the article, let’s check the question below first:

“I love using my Canon EOS Rebel T3i digital SLR camera to capture photographs. But due to human error, batches of photos were deleted by accident. I checked all parts of the camera manuals and found nothing about how to retrieve deleted pictures off a Canon camera. I am a Windows OS computer user who is using Windows 7. Now I am far away from my home as I am traveling in Europe. So obviously I am unable to take my camera to the nearby repair shop. Any Canon EOS users ever suffered similar case with me? How do you recover photos from digital camera on a Mac OS PC?

What to Do after Photo Lost from Camera

No matter what Canon Camera series (EOS, PowerShot, IXUS etc) or other digital cameras you are using, each one should be equipped with a tiny piece of memory card (SD, SDHC or CF), when you press the “Delete Selected/All” button or format the memory card, what happens is that your photos become identified as files that are no longer necessary on the external memory card. That means if your Canon EOS needs the space (that the pictures take up) to store new data, then it will write over the original (erased) photos file. And till then, your photos will really be gone permanently.

First thing comes first-stop using your Canon EOS to take more photos or videos, and if possible put your camera in a safe place. This is for the security of the deleted images in case they are unrecoverable due to data overwriting or card physical damage. Then the best way to recover your Canon pictures is to opt for a third-party photo recovery tool. Here are some good ones you can take a try.

uFlysoft File Recovery Tool is able to undelete, restore and recover pictures, videos, audio files lost on corrupted or damaged SD, CF cards, memory stick etc. It supports photo recovery from all Canon cameras including EOS, Powershot & Ixus as well as all file types but its algorithms are particularly optimized for both general photos (JPG/JPEG/TIFF/BMP etc) and Canon RAW images (CR2/CRW). It has a wizard-style interface and allows you to easily recover files from Canon camera on your computer. Note: the program is free to try, free to scan, just come and have a try. And it can be run under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.

More Notes

1. After files loss happened, remember DO NOT put any new files into the drive where your lost files were stored before.

2. After scanning is finished, choose a safe path to save the recovered files and DO NOT save them on the path where the lost files were store before to avoid overwrite situation.

3. After recovery is finished, build a backup for your files are strongly needed.

4. Read more posts on our website uFlysoft studio if you still need more details about photo recovery.