Mac Hard Drive Data Protection and Recovery Process

Even with all the technological advances and improvements in the reliability of hard drives, computer users are facing data loss situations every day. Whenever data cannot be accessed, corrupted or lost in a properly configured computer, it could be due to some type of a hard drive failure. This article will show you many details about hard drive, hard drive data recovery and the method for getting back lost data from Mac hard drive.

About Hard Drive

The hard drive is a delicate device constructed with both electronic and moving mechanical parts and just like a car it can fail. One serious problem a hard drives can suffer from is a head crash. A head crash is also considered to be the most infamous and frustrating hard drive failure one can experience as it can lead to permanent loss of your valuable data. The reason data loss can be fatal when head crash occurs is because the platters can get scratched by the direct contact of the read /write head with the disk platters and the data recovered on the disk platters is directly threatened.

In order to understand what exactly a head crash is, it is essential to know the basics mechanical parts and structure of the hard drive. Every hard drive is composed of numerous essential internal and external components. The external components are located on the printed circuit board (PCB) also called logic board and the internal components are located in a sealed case known as the hard drive assembly. The main components of the hard drive are the case, drive, logic board spindle motor, platters and drive head/s.

Hard drives are assembled in a clean room which is even cleaner then a surgery room and then sealed. The hard drive case provides the protection for the drive and keeps it away from dust or any other contaminant particles. Because the disks of the hard drive spin at a very high speed (in modern hard drives the platters spin at 5400RPM and above), any particle of dust inside the hard drive can damage the surface of the disks. Such incident could not only cause data loss but a physical damage or destruction to the disk surface.

Hard Drive Data Protection

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