How to Recover Mac Lost Files from Formatted Hard Drive

To recover data after format from formatted Mac hard drive, as a highly technical task, is often not easy but we have to do somehow. If you are a computer specialist, it’s easy to recover data after format. If not, you will be bothered to seek methods to recover data after format from your formatted hard disks. This article will show you an easy way with data recovery software to recover data after formatting from hard drive/disk. You will be free from format lost from now on.

Data recovery software, especially designed for users who have little knowledge about format recovery, is highly recommended for you to perform formatted disk data recovery, such as uFlysoft Data Recovery Application.

The causation of Data Loss Situation

People do format sometimes when they want to convert FAT partition to NTFS or just delete useless data on partitions, which are full of various files. After format, they may suddenly find that some of their precious data are lost, and try many methods to recover data after format from formatted hard drive/disk. Otherwise they have to restart the work, or spend a whole weekend to redo. What’s more serious, they will lose their precious memories forever. Then here comes a question: how to recover lost data after format from formatted hard drive/disk?

How to Do Lost Data Recovery after Formatting

Fortunately, people always use “Quick Format”. As we know, quick format will not hurt the original files in partition. The procedure of format is just to rewrite the table of partition. That means the files are still at the original place after the quick format. This offers opportunities to recover data after format from hard drive/disk for who want to perform formatted disk data recovery.

Then it’s time to make these invisible files into system readable. There is data recovery software such as uFlysoft Formatting Data Recovery that has the ability to recover formatted disk. This software can recover formatted disks, deleted, or indescribably disappeared data easily.

However, there is one thing you should take care: once the partition is formatted, though the original files still exist, they can be easily covered by the new files. Once these old files are corrupted, even if you perform format recovery, you cannot open & use them anymore. It means that you have to recover data after format ASAP.

Kindly Tips

1. Never save any new files to the drive to overwrite the original files until you have recovered them.

2. Never save the recovered files on the same drive where the lost files were stored before.

3. Build a backup for the important files are strongly needed.

OK, these are all the steps you need to follow. If you still need more details, check more articles on our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio.