How to Recover Mac Lost Photo Files with the Best Method

Have you ever accidentally deleted your precious photo files? Some users who do not know about the actual file removal process think that deleting the photo files means the files gone permanently. This misconception causes them to give up the chance to do restore lost photo files. So, it is possible to recover lost photos? What to do to recover deleted photo files on Mac? Actually the lost/deleted photo files are not gone permanently. We can still get them back as long as the files are not overwritten by new deleted files.

What Happen after Photo Loss

When we lost the photo files, what we actually lost is not the photo itself. The operating system simply loses the access of the file, as the pointers between files and file system index are deleted. The space occupied by deleted files is marked as “available to reuse”, so the deleted files remain physically intact on the drive until they are overwritten by other files. The files will be only deleted when they are overwritten by new files. In order to prevent overwriting we need to stop using the computer or storage device immediately if we want to recover deleted photos from it. So are there any chances to get them back? Let’s just keep reading, and then you will find the answer.

Reasons of Photo Files Loss

Before we continue to introduce photo recovery method, let’s learn one more thing: the main reasons of photo files loss. There are tons of reasons can cause photo loss on your Mac, here we just pick out some main reasons. Let’s check it out.

1. The storage device disconnected accidentally when you are transferring photo from your storage device to Mac.

2. The sudden power off of the machines (camera/phone with memory card or Mac) when you are using them. This may lead to photo loss both on your Mac and your camera/phone.

3. The virus infection. If your Mac is infected by virus, you may lose your pictures. Even worse, when you connect your storage device to Mac, you may also lose the pictures because of the virus.

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What Can We Do to Recover Photos

To process photo recovery is a complicated thing to the normal users (sometime is also difficult for the IT guys) if you have no tool or program to finish this operation.

You can search for the photo
recovery tool on the internet. In thousands of this kind of tool, I recommend you to have a try on the photo recovery software which comes from our official website:

Why? Because this software make the complicated recovery process become easier in only 3 steps. Without further ado, just follow the steps together to restore lost photo files.

1. Download uFlysoft Data Recovery on your computer first. (To care about our users, uFlysoft studio offer you the Mac version and Windows version.)

2. Select and scan the drive or storage device which your lost photos were stored before.

3. After the second step is finished, preview the found photo files, choose which you want to recover and start recovering.

Only this so called “3-step” operation, all your photo files are back again to you, so this is why I recommend this software for you.

Important Point During Photo Recovery Process

To tell you the true, any of photo recovery programs is so similar when they recover lost photo files for you, but the important points are listed as follow:

When you decide to recover photo by using the photo recovery software, the important point is that don’t install it on the drive which your photo files were stored because it will cause the data overwritten situation and make you files gone forever. So remember, if you need to install the software, find a safe place to install it.

OK, after installing the software, run it. The photo recovery software will offer the scanning option to you, make sure you choose the right path to scan or it may waste your time.

Then you turn to the recovery step after scanning is finished. In the beginning of this step, you can preview the searched files which come from the scanning operation, target the photos you want to recover and then finish the recovery process.

Why Recommend uFlysoft Photo Recovery

Base on the high-tech deeply scanning function and the powerful recovery ability, uFlysoft Photo Recovery can help you recover lost photo in simply way. What’s more, the free scan option can protect the users’ right-you can use the free scan to make sure if the files you target and then upgrade to the full version.