Recover the Lost File after Mac Trash Has Been Emptied

Trash on Mac computer is where files stored after deletion from Mac system. These deleted files are kept there, from there you can restore deleted files back, but if you delete files from Trash or empty trash then there are no chances to get back them once again. Do Mac users really permanently lose their files when they accidentally delete files and empty trash or intentionally delete files from Trash?

Actually you can recover deleted files after Mac Trash has been emptied easily and safely. Whenever you delete file, it is not the file deleted from hard drive but the entries from hard drive directory deleted. After the deletion space is being free to occupy by other files. Luckily by using Mac data recovery software, almost high chances are to restore files from Mac trash. It will help you to recover files easily without making much effort. Here are some situations which are responsible for data loss from trash and recovered back after emptying trash bin.

1. If you have accidentally deleted files from trash or empty trash bin

2. Deleted file by using “Shift + del”

3. If you have deleted file in the way: Finder>Secure Empty Trash. After this deleted files will be completely overwritten by other data.

4. If you have deleted file by choosing Empty Trash option from finder menu.

5. Whenever you drag file to the Trash it automatically empty it without any notification and after restart trash being emptied. This is Auto Trash Empty.

6. If file deleted without storing in Trash.

Mac data recovery software-uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac

Macintosh Trash Recovery-Restore Mac Trash Bin: Important files or documents that you just accidentally deleted and erased from your Mac Trash? There is Mac Data Recovery Software tool for recovering mac trash files and restore deleted files from Apple Mac Trash Bin. Professional Data Recovery for Mac software usage more powerful recovery techniques to recover deleted Macintosh files from mac trash and get back to you.

uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac recovers files from empty trash whatever the reasons loss of files from trash. It can recover file of all type, compatible with latest Mac operating system like Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6 and Mac OS X 10.5. It supports recovery from HFS, HFS+, HFSX and FAT file system volumes. By through scanning of Mac hard drive it recovers files and show preview.


1. Perform recovery as soon as possible and limit the use of Mac system because the more you use system more chances are deleted files will be overwritten by other files and recovery become impossible. What’s more, do not use the system with the deleted files to surf the Internet, check mail or create documents. Do not copy, download or install any software on the same volume or drive that contains deleted files.

2. Just go to our official website uFlysoft studio ’cause you can get more details about data recovery. Keep it in mind and you will not be afraid of meeting data loss problem again.