Simple Steps for User to Get Lost Data Back on Mac

“Hi all, my wife’s MacBook has stopped working. I think it’s beyond repair. Here I’m asking about how to get back lost data on Mac. I know the hard drive format is HFS. So, can anyone tell me some solutions? Best regards.”

MacBook broken or hard drive corruption can be the most horrible problem for you. You cannot use your MacBook anymore and you’re assuming that all data on your MacBook hard drive might be lost. But is this the on truth? The answer is absolutely no. You still have chance to restore data from MacBook hard drive, even if you can’t reboot your MacBook.

Here is my suggestion: take out your MacBook hard drive and connect it with another Mac computer, and then you can try recovering data from it with the help of a MacBook hard drive recovery utility like uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. It is a nicely designed Mac data recovery that enables you to recover mass data from your MacBook hard drive, including images, videos, document files, emails, etc. No matter you data was lost from a healthy MacBook or from a broken/corrupted MacBook, this tool can ease your pain easily.

Why the Deleted Data Can Be Recovered

Yes, the data can be recovered, but do you know why? Here brings you the answer so that you could learn a lot of this kind of knowledge.

Usually, only one delete command even formatted the Mac hard drive or storage device wont make files disappear completely from machine. The files are still there in the machine just marked as free space to be overwritten. If you keep putting something into it, the new data may take over the space where your precious deleted files stored. Once overwritten, its impossible to recover lost files. Thats the reason why you should do the first thing first. So as is clear to us, as long as your lost files are not written over by new data, you can definitely achieve file recovery on the tiny piece of your machine.

Now you learn the reasons why the lost files can still be recovered, let’s get into the next step-recovery process.

Steps of Mac Lost Data Recovery

As we said above, the uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac can help you to perform Mac lost data recovery through the easy steps below:

1. Download uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery on Your Mac first.

2. Select and scan a partition or drive where your lost data located.

3. Preview the found files (Only photos files can be previewed) and click ‘Recovery’, choose the safe path to save the targeted files to process recovery operation.

No more technical skills are required but only simple steps to get your files back, why not just come and have a try?


1. Don’t install the recovery software to the path where your lost files were store before or you may cause the data overwritten situation and the chance of data recovery will be less than usual.

2. After data recovery is finished, build a backup for your files is a good habit to avoid the data loss problem.

3. To offer you more technical support, our official website uFlysoft studio has different kinds of article for file rescue, more detail you can go and check them to get what you need to know.