Must Know-The Software Which Can Help in Recovering Lost Mac Files

Deleting data on Mac OS X

The first thing you should know is that deleting a file means the entry for this file has been erased, not the content of this file. Not however, that the space that was once taken by the item is now labeled as "vacant" by the system. So if you save new data to the drive, the recovery process will be somewhat trickier.

So tip 1: if you have deleted a file accidentally and would like to recover it, don't write anything new to the disk where the item in question was located. Ideally don't access this disk at all.

For Mac users, you might know there is an option named as "Erase a drive" option of Apple's disk utility. If the default setting has not been changed while you are using this function, "Quick Erase" will be performed. That operation rewrites the new empty disk directory over an old one. As a result the contents of the old directory stay intact and can be recovered unless it was written over. Another option offered by Apple's disk utility is "Secure Erase". This option you have to be very careful because not only all data will be lost and also you are very likely unable to take them back once you use this option. Or it can be said almost no third-party tool can be able to recover the data once using "Secure Erase".

Undelete data on Mac OS X

When important Mac file is lost, many users have thought about performing lost important file recovery with Mac file recovery software, however, there is very little professional Mac deleted file recovery software. Under such kind of situation, the appearance of the Mac data recovery software-uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac not only helps users perform Mac deleted file recovery for file lost under various situations, but also completely supports various common storage devices and file systems.

After explaining the process of deleting data on Mac, let's find out how you can undo the deletion. The best solution is to find you a reliable Mac data recovery tool. To start with, you need an app that you can manage the process of undelete on your own and this app is uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

With different modes catering for diverse causes that result in data loss, such as system failure, hardware problems, accidentally deleting, formatting and so on. It can work very well under Mac OS X, being compatible with HFS/HFS+, FAT and NTFS. No matter you want to undelete data from your Mac computer, USB drive, SD card or digital camera, uFlysoft Mac data recovery would be the best choice for you.

Easy Steps of Lost Data Recovery

Once you choose the Data Recovery software for Mac, you just follow the steps below to recover lost data with ease.

1. Install this free download data recovery software on your Mac.

2. Launch the program and choose the hard disk where your lost flies were stored before and start scanning.

3. After scanning finished, you can preview your lost files, you can choose which you want to get back and then click "Recover", you will find the lost files coming back to you again in a while.


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