How tos-Easy Steps for Recovering Your Mac Lost Files

Guys, have you ever accidentally deleted your precious files from your Mac, phone SD card, camera SD card or other store devices such as External Hard Drive, USB Drive, still think about how to get back lost Mac files but no way to do it? Common belief thinks if you deleted the files, they are just gone and it is impossible to get them back. Actually you can recover deleted files easily if you follow my suggestions below.

First Thing First before Recover Deleted File

For better chance to recover lost files, you should stop using your machine. For example, dont put anything new into your hard disk which stored the important deleted files. Thats a very important point.

Tips: Do not let your machine have any chances to meet physical damage.

Why You Can Recover Deleted Files from the Mac?

Usually, only one delete command wont make files disappear completely from machine. The files are still there in the machine just marked as free space to be overwritten. If you keep putting something into it, the new data may take over the space where your precious deleted files stored. Once overwritten, its impossible to recover lost files. Thats the reason why you should do the first thing first. So as is clear to us, as long as your lost files are not written over by new data, you can definitely achieve file recovery on the tiny piece of your machine.

How to Recover Deleted Files?

The easiest way to do deleted files recovery is to try uFlysoft Mac data recovery, a powerful data recovery tool using advanced recovery algorithm. It can deeply scan your machine to look for the lost files. Once found, its pretty easy to perform file recovery even within minutes. Only three steps:

1.Download uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery on your Mac first;

2.Select which type of files you want to recover;

3.Preview the found files after scanning (Only photos files can be previewed) and click ‘Recovery’, choose the path to save the files to process the recovery operation.

Yes, it’s done, so simple but you should realize that, these simple steps are high effective ways for you to get your files back.

One More tips

1.Whatever you are using the software or other method to to perform data recovery, better save the recovered data to another drive in case overwrite original data.

2.Backup is a good idea for protect your files away from data loss, for the professional backup support for Mac you can view the Mac official site.

3. For more information about the recovery process just go to check the blog post on our site right now to get what you want indeep.