How to Recover Mac OS X Lost or Deleted with Ease

In computing, your files could be lost due to so many reasons, like computer operating crashed, accidental deletion, wrongly formatting, and any other improper operation. If you are lucky enough, you may get the files back from Mac Trash Bin. But unfortunately, users sometimes deleted the files and then emptied the Mac trash bin immediately. Once this becomes one of your habit, you have to meet file loss situation though you don’t want to. Then, how to recover the lost files on Mac?

Recover Deleted Files on Mac with Mac Data Recovery Software

To tell you the truth, many deleted, lost even formatted files can be recovered as long as you know how to protect your files after data loss happen: Simply stop using your Mac or other storage device where your files were lost from to protect your files from data overwritten situation. There are many apps which offer you data recovery solution. Though guaranteeing Mac file recovery is impossible, uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac will try its best to help in recovering all of your files “physically” existing on your Mac hard drive. Not only recover files from your mac, uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac can also help in getting back lost files from your storage device like digital camera, memory card, external drive, camcorder, cell phone, etc.

The Possibility of Mac Lost Files Recovery

In fact, after deletion command is made, the files won’t be erased immediately. What the computer operation system will only deletes the catalog and frees up the space of the deleted files so that there is enough space for you to store new files later. But the deleted files themselves are still existing in the file system. At this moment, you still have chance to recover the lost files.

However, if you put new files into the device which the files were stored before, the new files will occupy the space of the deleted files and you will lose the chance to recover them. So, you need to keep in mind that after data loss happens, stop using your Mac immediately to avoid data overwritten situation.

Recover Mac Deleted Files Step by Step

Step 1-Open Data Recovery Software for Mac

Run uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac OS X. You will see your drives (including hard drive or storage device which you plug it in with your Mac) are shown on the interface.

Users no need to worry too much because this software will make complicated process become easy steps for you. You just need to follow the guidance to perform the whole data recovery operation.

Step 2-Select A Drive to Scan for Lost Files

No matter what file you’ve lost, this software can help you to find it out. Base on the deeply scanning, you just need to choose your drive and start scanning, the software will collect tiny piece of files and then show them to you in a new list on your left. You will see almost all file format which you lost on the left side after scanning is finished.

Step 3-Preview File and Choose One to Recover

When the scanning result is coming out. You will see that many file formats are in the result list. Simply choose one of your target file format to preview (only photo files can be previewed) and make a decision if it is the one you want to recover. After this, simply click “Recover” button to process Mac data recovery operation.


1. No matter how powerful the data recovery software you are using to recover lost Mac files, build a backup is the most useful way to protect your files from data loss problem.

2. To know more details about Mac data recovery, check more articles on our official website whenever you want.