Perform Mac Data Recovery after Formatting Mac Hard Drive

There are a lot of threads about format restore to recover data after formatting like that: “The re-installation of Mac OS has automatically formatted my all partitions and made my files disappeared; now I want to make format restore to get data back. What should I do? ” or ” I know disk format has erased all data, but I want to recover data from the formatted disk. Is there any Mac data recovery software which can recover the data?

I would like to make some comments on format restore.

Things will be complicated if you don’t understand the principle of format restore, you may just depend on recovery service. However, if the files such as photos, emails, etc. are not very important and you don’t want to spend too much on format restore, reliable data recovery software for format restore is what you need.

Here I would like to introduce a good data recovery software for format restore, that is, uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, a professional format restore utility for people who know little about computers to recover data after format.

Format Hard Drive

As we know, when we perform disk format, the dialog box reminds that it will erase all data on the disk. Actually it’s just an appearance. The Operating System resets the FAT or MFT on the disk. The reason that you can no longer see the files under Windows is that the MFT tells the Operating System that the drive letter does not contain any files, but the files are still there. That’s why we could perform format restore to get those files back. To restore format means transfer the files on the formatted hard disk or partition to a separate one.

Why the Formatted Files Can Still Be Restored?

When we drive or stored device is formatted, what we deleted is actually not the file itself. You just lose the access of the file from the system. The space occupied by deleted files is marked as “available to recover”, so the deleted files remain physically intact on the drive until other files overwrite them. So the true truth is: the so called lost files will be only deleted when you put any new files in to the drive to overwrite the original ones.

So remember, if you want to successes in recovering your lost files, the first thing to do is to stop using your Mac to avoid file overwritten situation so that the chance of file recovery can be increased. The next step is to find a reliable data recovery to help you a lot.

Format recovery with Data Recovery Software

Format recovery means to transfer the files on the formatted hard disk or partition to a separate one and get them back. The powerful Data Recovery software for Mac which comes from uFlysoft is the most professional format restore utility to recover files from formatted hard disk under Mac OS. Just follow the steps below to get back lost data with ease.

1. Install this free download data recovery software on your Mac;

2. Launch the program and choose the hard disk where your lost flies were stored before and start scanning;

3. After scanning finished, you can preview your lost photos files, you can choose which you want to get back and then click “Recover”, you will find the lost data coming back to you again in a while.

Done, yes, it is done. Only few clicks and steps you need to operate to get your lost files back, itsn’t it simple and easy for you to do?


1. Remember, no matter you get back the recovered files or you do not lose your files once, build a backup is necessary for your files safety.

2. To learn more detail of the data recovery technical skill, you can read more articles on our site by clicking uFlysoft studio.