How to Recover Your Lost Word Document with Different on Mac OS X

What can we do when a sudden mishap happens and lost our word documents? In your working life, there might be one or two events that you lost your Word document. Do you remember the stress and tension it caused you? Well, we can imagine the resentment of retyping your file all over again and worst if the deadline is hours away! Losing files on a Word document is due to various reasons such as carelessness, forgetting to save the file and many others. Conversely, even if you are careful and you apply proper MS Office etiquette, there are unavoidable circumstances such as power interruptions, virus, software bugs and so many others.

Nevertheless, whether it’s your fault or an unexpected thing happened that caused the loss of your files the good news is that there is a way out. You can recover unsaved Word document as long as you are alert and you know how to do it. Today we will teach you and give you tips on how to recover lost Mac Word documents.

Solution 1: Recover Lost Word Document by Using AutoRecover

Imagine that you have an assistant who works for for you 24 hours and 7 days a week while you type in your Word document. AutoRecover saves countless hours of work with its amazing Auto-Save feature. The Auto-Save feature is enabled by default and saves your works automatically for a given time interval. This is amazingly helpful for anything unexpected on your end such as computer crashing, power block outs, and others.

Check the following step-by-step procedure on how to recover your documents:

1. For Word 2010 and 2013, choose and click “File”. You will be directed to a box where you can see Options. Click “Option” and then choose “Save”. If you are using Word 2007 version, click “Office” button, then click “Word Options”. Choose and click “Save” to see where the AutoRecover files are located in your computer.

2. Click “File” and then click “Open” in your Word 2010. You will be redirected to the AutoRecover file location.

3. From the file type dropdown list, select “All Files”. You can see files within the folder that are new and never been saved, you can check it at the AutoRecovery save of Document1.asd. On the other hand, if you save he document manually but your works in between saves, you can find your document with the same filename you used. This is where you can recover your lost files.

Solution 2: Recover Your Unsaved Document in Word on Windows

It’s a given that computers crash, we are less than perfect so we tend to forget to save our files every time, and anything can happen to cause a disaster to a file you are typing to Word on your Mac. Luckily you can prevent the disaster it can cause you when you are armed and knowledgeable on how you can recover lost or deleted Word documents.

If you were unable to save the file before it crashes, you can still recover the Word document by following these procedures

1. Go to the drive c of your computer

2. Go to users folder and open it

3. Select the name of the folder you are previously using, click and open it

4. A bunch of folder will be shown on your screen, select App Data and then go to local and click

5. A new list of folders will appear, look for the folder TEMP and open it.

6. The folder will show another bunch of files and the Autosaved Documents. Loo for your files, it’s actually easy because you can filter all autosaved untitiled documents according to date.

7. Open the file and click “Save As”.

Solution 3: Recover Corrupted Word File on Mac PC

Whether you are using other applications such as Mac or PC, there are devastating situation such as deleting files by mistake or formatting the USB drive or other storage devices. So how do you recover Word document on Mac? Well, it’s actually easy! What you should do is relax and let go of the tension.

Microsoft Word has Auto Recovery function which works for you 24/7 saving your document every minutes. When anything goes wrong, you know that you can still recover your damaged Word documents.

The following are instructions on how to recover your lost Word documents:

1. A dialogue box pops up where you can choose the following: Click “File”, “Recent” and “Recover Unsaved Documents”.

2. Find your lost document from the Saved Drafts and then click “Open”.

3. Save the file by clicking “Save As” and rename the document.

4. Open the filename of your lost document.

Solution 4: Recover Lost Mac Word Document on Mac with Mac Word Document Recovery Software

Mac Word file recovery software such as uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is heaven sent in this modern and technology world. As you already know, no matter how careful you are to be efficient and effective by following proper computer etiquette, anything can happen to your Word documents. Not only Word documents, even Excel files, videos, photos or audio files, emails are also supported to be recovered by this software. You can follow this easy to handle “3-Step” operation to recover your files with ease.

The First Step-Install the Software

Download and install uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac PC. Please pay attention that you need to follow the installing guidance step by step. Don’t install the software in the directory which the deleted files were stored before to avoid data overwritten situation. If you are worried about data overwritten, you can take your hard drive out, plug it in another computer which has already installed the software to process the data recovery operation.

The Second Step-Choose Device to Scan

Choose your Mac hard drive or external devices like external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, etc to start scanning. Please note that the scanning may take you a long time. One reason is that it is deeply scanning process so that the software can find everywhere on your hard drive to search the lost data. An other reason is the length of time is based on the space of the device. More space does the hard drive has, more time it is needed to be scanned.

The Third Step-Preview and Recovery

You can preview the found files after scanning is finished (only photo files can be previewed). After making sure which file you want to recover, simply click button ‘Recovery’ to start data recovery operation. After a while, you will find that you get back your lost data easily.

If you need more details about Mac data recovery, feel free to visit our official website: