Why Do We Need Mac Data Recovery Software when Data Loss Happen

“I accidentally deleted a folder from my Mac and clicked Empty Mac Trash Bin habitually. After this, I realized that some important files were in that folder. Is it possible to recover lost files on Mac?

Questions similar to the above problem have always been seen in various forums. The problems happened because clicking the “Empty Trash Bin” is unconscious pattern of behavior among some users.

It is possible to perform data recovery.

Some users think that when data is deleted from the hard drive, it is deleted forever. There is no mean to undelete files from hard drive. In fact, it is a wrong perception that you cannot recover data or the files that are deleted permanently once you emptied trash bin as you could neither find it in the trash, nor under temporary folders. Actually the files are still very much present on your hard disk. Computer OS creates index of the file on hard drive in file system. Every data has entry in the file system index, which includes name, location, size and type. When it is accessed from the hard drive, the index is accessed by the operating system. Operating system reads the storage location of the file to extract the file. When a file is deleted, only the index entry is deleted and the disk space occupied by the deleted data is marked as free and re-usable space, so it is possible to undelete file until the file is overwritten by other files.

How to Recover Lost Data?

Usually in order to avoid any data loss, you’d better do backups to ensure data security. But if the backup programs on your computer cannot help you restore lost data, you can use third party data recovery software to recover lost files. There are various data recovery programs on the current market. If these files are really important for you, you should use professional one. uFlysoft Data Recovery Software can recover files that deleted accidentally or intentionally, even deleted by emptying Trash. It can undelete lost data from Mac/Windows PC, USB drive, digital camera, cell phone, MP3 or MP4 player and other storage media.

Steps of Lost File Recovery

Once you choose uFlysoft Data Recovery Software, all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

1. Install the free download Get back lost files software on your Mac.

2. Launch the software. Follow the onscreen prompts to choose the place where the lost files were stored and click the “Scan” button. (If you want to recover data from your store device, just connect it with your Mac/Windows PC and choose it to scan.)

3. After scanning finished, click the “Recover” button, and then you will be asked for a “destination folder” where the program will save the repaired file. Select a secured location on your hard drive and follow the rest of the prompts to complete the task.

After all of these steps, you will find it is so easy for you to perform Mac deleted file recovery.

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