How to Recover Lost JPG Files on Mac OS X

The JPG file format remains the most popular way of storing photos in various consumer devices like smart phones, cameras, memory cards and flash drives, but many people end up losing their files accidentally before they create a backup. It’s possible to prevent such loss.

Among the most common scenarios of losing JPG files, you will find camera memory formatting and file deletion as the most common; others are a faulty software code that corrupts data on your mac drive, or a virus infected drive that renders your folders unusable.

How to recover lost JPG files on Mac? There are many methods on Google, but in my opinion, the only way to recover JPG photos is by getting capable data recovery software. Today, you can get back all your JPG files by using the uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. And it takes only a moment to install. This JPG recovery software lets you easily recover lost photos from a range of devices. It will work with mac based drives, flash drive, SD cards, phone memories, and many others prone to accidental deletion and formatting.

Why We Recover the Lost JPG Files

Actually you can recover your photo files on your device like your Mac or camera memory card. But the first thing you need to do is to stop using your device. When you deleted files or format your device, the operating system only delete the catalog of the files and free up the space of the files so that the device has enough space for storing the new files. If you have not put new files into your card, chances are still there for you to recover your photos on your Mac.

But if you put new files into your device, the new files will occupy the space which was belonging to the deleted files and you will lose the chance to recover your files. This is why I ask you don’t use your device after data loss happen.

How to Recover Lost JPG Files on Mac

To recover JPG files or other files on your Mac, you can easily follow these steps to perform the process with our software, now let’s check it out.

The First Step-Install the Software

This step is very simple. Users just need to follow the guidance to install our Mac data recovery software at the right place but not the path which the ‘deleted files’ were stored there to avoid data overwritten situation.

The Second Step-Choose Your Device

When launch the software, users will find their hard drive (or storage device which has been plugged in) has been shown at the bottom of the interface, users just need to choose it and then click button ‘Scan’ to process deeply scan.

The Third Step-Preview and Recover

After scanning is finished, users can preview the found files (only photo files can be previewed) to decide if the files need to be recovered. If yes, choose the files and click button ‘Recovery’ to start recovering.

The whole process is very easy to finish by doing some mouse click jobs. Get back your lost JPG files on Mac easily. You may also view more post on our official website uFlysoft studio when ever you want.