Recover Mac OS X Lost or Deleted Files with Mac Data Recovery Software

Files that are deleted or formatted from your hard drive usually still exists on your hard drive. They are just inaccessible for regular users. However, with the help of data recovery applications like uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, you can easily recover files on your Mac OS X or any other storage device.

How Can We Get Lost Files Back on Mac

Sometimes a file might even be deleted by mistake or gone from your Mac, external hard drive, mp3/mp4 players or other storage devices because of you improper operation. However, this does not mean that your data will be lost forever. Your deleted folders will be retrieved if you use the right program. But make sure you have not added any new files to your Mac, or you can find the deleted folders from trash directly.

uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac can help you get deleted folders back on your Mac. It also can restore any kind of files like videos, audios, folders, photos etc. you lost from your Mac, USB hard drive, SD card, Cell Phone, Camcorder/camera and so on or anything else that you have used on your Mac. The program will scan your drives and any attachments on your Mac in different ways to find out your lost files that stored in the computer’s hard drive.

How uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac Help in Recovering Lost Files

uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac can help you recover files on Mac by scanning (read-only) your hard drive for all recoverable files. It also allows you to preview scanned files like images, documents, emails and some video/audio before recovery. Besides Mac’s hard drive, it supports USB drive, SD card, digital camera and most external storage drives, too. It’s a must-have to recover files on your Mac.

Steps of Recovering Mac Lost Files with uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery

Step 1-Open Data Recovery Software for Mac

Open uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac OS X. You will see your drives (including a hard drive or storage device which you plug it in with your Mac) shown on the interface.

Users don’t need to worry because this software makes the complicated process easy with just a few steps. You just need to follow the guidance in order to perform the whole data recovery operation.

Step 2-Select a Drive to Scan

No matter what files you lost, this software can help you to find it out. Based on the deep scanning process, you only need to choose your drive and start scanning. The software will collect tiny piece of files and then show them to you in a new list on the left side of the screen. You will see almost all file formats in which loss occurred on the left side of the screen once the screening process has begun.

Step 3-Preview File and Start to Recover

When the scanning results are being previewed, you will see that many file formats are in the results list. Simply choose one of your target file formats to preview (only photo files can be previewed), and make a decision and determine whether or not you need to recover the files. After this, simply click the “Recover” button in order to process the Mac data recovery operation.

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