How to Recover Mobile Device Lost Files from on Mac

Nowadays, along with the technology is getting more and more powerful than before, the mobile device is more popular among us. People tend to spend more time with this kind of smart mobile device for fun. For example, people enjoy movies and songs, take pictures or shoot video, read books even do some simple works with document on these mobile devices. It actually brings us much more conveniences. However, it’s much easier to make a deletion on them because you just do some finger movement. If you just delete some important files from your mobile device, what you should do? There no trash bin for you to restore lost files. So, is there any method to recover lost files from mobile device on Mac OS X?

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Mobile Device on Mac OS X

As we said above, the mobile device, like iOS device, provides the most wonderful user experience to us. But unfortunately, even this so called best operating system, has some flaws, or from time to time it will be needed to reset ’cause there are so many cache files on it. Then due to some operations which were made by us human beings, files or contact directly may be erased all!

Panic? But lucky as you, we do have a method maybe help you a lot. You can make your mobile device turn to USB drive mode which can be read by your Mac as an USB drive or storage device. Once this succeeds, our software can help you in recovering mobile devices files.

Recover Mobile Device Lost Files on Mac OS X

Sometimes bad things happen to good files. No matter how careful you are, you may have to face mobile device files lost due to accidentally delete, factory reset, forgotten pass-code to the locked device or any other unknown reasons. These seem to be difficult for you to solve ’cause you may be not the professor or the iOS system seems to be more complicated than any other mobile OS.

But as an operating system, no matter how high-tech it is, it is just a program which is made by our human being. So the chance of file recovery on mobile device is still possible. As other devices, when you delete files from mobile device, the operating system only make the space of the “deleted files” available again so that your mobile device has enough space to store other files. So you can recover mobile device Lost files on Mac, but as we tell you above, you have to make it as an USB drive, it is required so that your Mac can read and open your mobile device and write your files which were stored inside it.

How to Recover Mobile Device Lost Files on Your Mac

Step 1-Install and Launch Data Recovery for Mac on Mac OS X

After you install our Mac data recovery software on your Mac OS X, run it and you will find that everything is ready for you. No more technical skills are required because only few mouse clicks you need to do. Simple guidance will be offered and you just need to follow it and run the whole process.

Step 2-Connect Your Mobile Device with Your Mac

After you connected your mobile device with your Mac, you need to make sure your device can be read and open like a USB drive. Once you can perform it, your mobile will be shown on the software interface. Just choose it and then click the “Scan” button.

It may take a little while or a short time-depend on the amount of files you store on your device. After the software completes the whole scan process, you can preview the searched files (only photo files can be previewed) which are recoverable.

Step 3-Recover Your Lost Files

After you finish scanning and preview, just go to the “Recovery” button and click it. The software will keep running recovery operation. This process is also depending on how many files you’ve already stored on your mobile device. But the strong recovery ability will help you to get every recoverable files together and recover them for you.

Simple Ways to Recover Mobile Device Files

This method is based on you have backup on your Mac which has installed iTunes. Just connect your mobile device with your Mac. Launch iTunes and callout sidebar, you will see lots of event you can choose. Choose the mobile device (or any other mobile devices) you connect with your Mac, then click “Restore Backup”. A dialog box will pop up, choose the backup files you already there and click “Restore”, iTunes will process the recovery operation for you.

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