Mac Excel File Recovery-Restore Mac OS Lost Excel File with Ease

Excel is one of the most important software in Microsoft Office. It can help you to organize your data like financial information, monthly sales, or the analysis of competitor, etc. It may take you few day even a whole week, but only one mouse click or keyboard operation will destroy the work you do on your Excel files. Sometimes, hard drive failure will make you lose your excel files, or antivirus software will wrongly delete your excel files. In a word, there are tons of reasons will make you lose your excel files. But you don’t need to worry too much. There is a method to recover lost Excel or other type of files from Mac OS X easily.

How to Recover Excel Files on Your Mac OS X

Actually, most of the operating system will not really delete a file after you operate the deletion. You need a data recovery tool to help in searching and restoring the files you ‘deleted’ already. In my opinion, you can have a try on our uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac-the powerful data recovery software which helps you to recover all kinds of lost files. It can help users to recover Excel files due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection, improper process, unexpected shut down (like sudden power-off) or any other unknown reasons.

Questions About Lost or Deleted Excel Files on Mac

Can I Recover the Spreadsheet in Excel on a Mac?

In generally speaking, the spreadsheet which you are working at is not a new file, it is just a new page in Excel. So, if you delete the spreadsheet, don’t save the Excel file but turn it off, and then turn it on again. You will see the spreadsheet is there for you.

But if you save the Excel file, then the spreadsheet you delete will be lost forever and there is no way to get it back. So users should be careful when you are currently working on it.

Can I Recover the Unsaved Excel Spreadsheet on Mac?

Usually, Excel will auto saved every 10 minutes by itself. This means you will not lose too much data-only 10 minutes’ data you put into the Excel will be lost.

If Excel file shut down unexpected, users just need to turn it on again. It will help to recover the sheet automatically.

If you move the Excel files to the Trash bin and empty it, or you lose the Excel files from a storage device, then you can use the software we mention above.

Can the Overwritten Excel Files be Recovered on Mac?

Overwritten means the old file has been covered by the new file. For example, you have two Excel file names A and B. If you delete A and then put B into the device, B will cover A and you will lose the chance to get A back.

Step By Step Excel File Recovery Operation

As the technical articles we wrote on our official website before, our software only needs 3 steps to process Mac data recovery process. So users can easily finish the data recovery operation easily.

The First Step-Install the Software

This step is very simple. Users just need to follow the guidance to install the software at the right place but not the path which the ‘deleted files’ were stored there to avoid data overwritten situation.

The Second Step-Choose Your Device

When launch the software, users will find their hard drive (or storage device which has been plugged in) has been shown at the bottom of the interface, users just need to choose it and then click button ‘Scan’ to process deeply scan.

The Third Step-Preview and Recover

After scanning is finished, users can preview the found files (only photo files can be previewed) to decide if the files need to be recovered. If yes, choose the files and click button ‘Recovery’ to start recovering.

The whole process is very easy to finish by doing some mouse click jobs.

Users can go and search Microsoft Office on Google if they need to know more about it, we uFlysoft studio will also offer you more help, just come whenever you want.