Mac Data Recovery Software Helps In Recovering Mac Word Document

In our daily lives, we often use Word document to build our works or homework. But sometimes you may meet the troublesome or annoying situation like: Delete the Word document and then empty Mac trash, format the USB drive or other storage device which contains your Word document, or other unknown reasons which makes you lose the Word documents. In these cases, what would you do? How to recover these lost Word documents on your Mac? Actually it is very easy! What you are needed to do is stopping any operations on your Word documents and find the Mac data recovery software to recover Mac lost Word document.

How to Recover the Lost Word Document on Mac

uFlysoft studio Data Recovery for Mac is a powerful data recovery program which helps you in recovering Word, Excel, PPT, etc Office files. Moreover, the media file like photo, audio or video which is lost due to deletion, formatting or any other unknown reasons can be recovered easily by using this Mac data recovery software.

Some Normal Tips about Mac Word Documents Recovery

Can the Unsaved Word Document Be Recovered on Mac?

This is hard to give a correct answer. If the document has not been saved before, it is difficult to restore it. Here are some useful tips to recover the documents which have been saved.

1. Check the Mac trash and find a folder named ‘Recovered Items’.

2. Find ‘Word Work File’ files in ‘Temporary items’ folder by typing ‘private/var/folders’, you may have chance to get your documents back.

How to Increase the Probability of Recovering Lost Word Documents

In generally speaking, the Word documents you lose are not really lost forever. They are still existing on your Mac system. So, you have the opportunity to use data recovery software like uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac to restore them. But you have to stop using your Mac to avoid the new data overwrite the ‘deleted data’. Once the ‘deleted data’ have been overwritten, nothing can help you get the data back.

What’s more, if you know that where did the lost Word documents have been saved, it can help you to save many times.

Avoid the Unsave Situation

Actually, there are two options in Word application which are helpful for avoiding unsave situation. You can set the ‘Autosave’ or ‘Autobackup’ function in Word application so that your Word document can be saved automatically.

Recover Mac Word Document Step by Step

The First Step-Install the Software

Download and install uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac PC. Please pay attention that you need to follow the installing guidance step by step. Don’t install the software in the directory which the deleted files were stored before to avoid data overwritten situation. If you are worried about data overwritten, you can take your hard drive out, plug it in another computer which has already installed the software to process the data recovery operation.

The Second Step-Choose Device to Scan

Choose your Mac hard drive or external devices like external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, etc to start scanning. Please note that the scanning may take you a long time. One reason is that it is deeply scanning process so that the software can find everywhere on your hard drive to search the lost data. An other reason is the length of time is based on the space of the device. More space does the hard drive has, more time it is needed to be scanned.

The Third Step-Preview and Recovery

You can preview the found files after scanning is finished (only photo files can be previewed). After making sure which file you want to recover, simply click button ‘Recovery’ to start data recovery operation. After a while, you will find that you get back your lost data easily.

One more thing: After scanning is finished, all of the found files will be renamed and listed on the software. Users can choose the file format to ensure which one needs to recover.

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