What to Do Perform SD Card Lost Data Recovery on Mac

Nowadays, more and more people have the digital products, such as digital cameras, smart phones etc. Usually, these kinds of products have an SD card inside which is small in shape but has a vast space allows us to store a huge amount of data.

It's convenient for our lives because we can view the photo, video, listen to the music wherever whenever we want. However, here comes the problem, such as loss of data, for example, the pictures.

Picture deletion from digital products happens everywhere as the world is stepping towards digitalization. Sometimes, digital cameras bring us great troubles as well as good memories. One of the common problems about deleting pictures from camera like, "I carelessly deleted photos from my digital camera SD card. Are there any ways to do SD card data recovery on Mac?"

For many people, it seems impossible to get the lost pictures back. Actually there is a good way to meet your requirements, SD Card recovery Software.

Causes of SD Card Picture Loss

Before we start to recover the lost pictures from SD card, let's figure out the causes of photo loss first.

• Accidentally delete or format

Some of you may format your SD card accidentally, and you may feel your lost pictures are gone forever after these operations.

• Virus infection

Perhaps your computer got infected by a virus which corrupted the hard disk with your pictures. Even worse, when you connect your SD card with the computer, your SD card may be infected by the virus and your pictures in the SD card may be lost.

• Suddenly shutting down

The sudden power-off of the camera could lead the pictures loss too. Once that happens, the transferring process would be interrupted (computer to SD card or SD card to computer), and some of your pictures might be lost.

How to Recover Mac Lost Files

Step 1: Install uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac on Your Mac

Don’t look down upon this step though install software is just a piece of cake for users. If you install it on the path which the lost files were stored before, the data overwritten situation I mentioned above will be caused and you will lose the chance to recover the lost files. So you need to install it on a safe place to avoid data overwritten problem.

Step 2: Choose the Drive/Device to Scan

After installing the software, run it. Users will find that their drives or device which they connect with their Mac will be shown at the bottom of the interface. At this moment, simply choose the one you want to scan and click the button “Scan” to operate scanning.

Step 3: Preview and Recovery

After scanning is finished, users will find that many found files are listed on the left side. Choose one of them to preview (only for photo files) to judge if it is the one you want to recover, if yes, click the little in front of the file and click button “Recovery” to recover the files.

Tips: Choose an external drive which has enough space to store the recovered files. Don’t save files on the same drive where they were lost from. You can also check the video tutorial below to see the easy operation we mentioned above.

For more details about data recovery, you can come and visit our official website: http://www.uflysoft.com